Chemtrails — video from military and transport aircraft

You still do not believe in a phenomenon called "chemtrails"? Then this video is for you. The video recording collected from the military, transport and passenger aircraft which depicted an unknown aircraft or what seems to aircraft — spraying unknown substances in the atmosphere.

Unknown aircraft flying without coordination with air traffic controllers. In one video, a military plane bound for its air corridor, almost facing two "spray", which belongs controllers do not know.

Who and most importantly why it does, here's a question to which there is no answer …

A video makes the following assumption that the substances are sprayed etooksid aluminum and sulfur dioxide are added to jet fuel and is sprayed into the flight.

Why is this — the maintenance of global warming, spraying aluminum oxide to reflect sunlight.

And for all of this are — money. Greed. And as long as it works, because the myth of global warming has already brought huge revenues to the organizers.

It's amazing how few people notice what is going on around them!

This film was made in Whangarei, Northland, New Zealand in April-May 2010 in order to draw people's attention to what is going on in their skies. A series of interviews with local residents represented? To show that most people do not understand or want to understand what happens around them.

This must be stopped! — Declares a video and it's not just words, activists are trying to prove that there is a conspiracy, more you can find the original article at

Most of the chemicals are sprayed over large metropolitan areas, leaving the city less intact. So the decision to go for a while in the less dangerous city can be a great option. Besides lumber in Krasnoyarsk can always be purchased at a reasonable price.

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