Chernobyl land will be seeded

At a meeting of the Council of Ministers adopted a draft national program for the elimination of consequences of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, designed for 2011-2015 and for the period up to 2020. It provides for the return of contaminated land in circulation and demand of funds in the amount of 6.6 trillion rubles. Activists of the movement of the Chernobyl doubt that the lands of the contaminated areas can be introduced into the rotation.

Introducing the draft state program, the Minister of Emergencies of Belarus Enver Bariev noted that in general it would "bring back the territory and the population to a normal life with a minimum limit on the radiation factor."

According to the program is provided to ensure the further growth of production, use of forest resources in the affected areas. It is also planned to intensify the return to economic use of land withdrawn from circulation.

However, the budgetary costs of eliminating the consequences of the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant annually decreasing percentage. If in the early 90s, it takes up to 20 percent of the total Belarusian budget, in recent years, this amounts to 3.2 percent.

Why should the state plans to step back into economic use of land taken out of circulation? Really in Belarus do not have enough arable land? On this issue responsible journalist and former correspondent of "Country Life" Anatoly Gulyaev.

Gulyaev, "As for the land, the land in Belarus is enough to provide for themselves. But it turns out is a situation that people in those areas have nowhere to work, not to live on. I believe in the program laid down primarily by the desire to return to a normal life in the territories. "

Writer Vasiliy Yakovenko, who heads the Belarusian Social-Ecological Union "Chernobyl", says that the state program had to be taken after conducting extensive research, which almost collapsed recently.

Yakovenko"I think it's very skaraspelyya solutions that adopted in this program. If it depended on me, I would not approve of such a program. We do not united, extensive research on radiation where it is how much of it — because it is blurred everywhere. And we have these studies collapsed. "

Mr. Yakovenko draws attention to the fact that even small doses of radiation adversely affect human health.

Yakovenko"Not for nothing is in Russia began to pay attention to the fact that we have in Belarus on contaminated lands cultivated products and radiation in milk and meat. Those of the Earth for a long time, already 15 years old, began to enter into the rotation, the sly, where the open. Spend manipulation of such lands, plyusuem them to the fact that there is in the economy, and thereby increase the productivity figures. Such a practice has long existed in the Chernobyl zone. "


Yakovenko, Chernobyl, Bariev

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