China is ready for a big war

China is ready for a big war
Perfectly clear that the creation of art in small batches just economically unprofitable (because the larger units of production is done, the cheaper any unit) and very silly militarily. If technology is not much, each standard becomes gold and economically, and militarily. But since such a practice specifically for the moment show Our homeland and Europe, they believe that China behaves. In fact in China made quite a long time to experiment with different types of equipment 1st class, choosing the best standard and eliminating various shortcomings. These experimental benchmarks really produced in small batches. In this case, the Chinese follow their own principle of «cross the river by feeling the stones», which are held by their reforms. Reaching rational from their point of view, the result, they switch to a more successful mass production standard. Such mass that neither Europe nor the Russian Federation and never dreamed of.

It should be noted another fact. If you happen to military conflict between China and the U.S., it will occur at sea and in the air. Accordingly, in the U.S. and general Western printings maximum attention paid to the development of the PLA Navy and Air Force. In Russia, just transcribed these Western sources, which is somewhat surprising. After all, we have with China has a land border length of 4.3 thousand kilometers. Despite the fact that significant territorial claims to the PRC RF have not gone away.

With the Army of the PLA takes the same thing with the Air Force and Navy: quick update while maintaining a high quality of quantitative characteristics.

Substitution tanks full swing

Despite the significant reduction in the number of personnel in the 80s, the PLA is still naikrupneyshim in the world on this indicator quantitatively, qualitatively improve drastically. Thanks to a tremendous surplus of draftees peacetime army connects pluses hired and recruiting. On the one hand, citizens are going to serve for their country and not for the money (at the call), the other — the excess allows people to choose the best service (in other words, first urban boys), many of them then left to serve under the contract. Those young people who have not been called in the PLA (usually from rural areas with low levels of education), are the primary military training and should, of course, make a mass army in the event of a major war. For it absolutely conserved in China mobilization system (with regard to both the population and to the industry.) For the same reason most of the compounds of the PLA ground forces remain divisions. Only petty their number is re-formed team. Last designed for management of local wars, but the base — this division created for large-scale war.

» Due to the large surplus of draftees Chinese peacetime army connects pluses and recruiting mercenary «
For the same great war now China is the world’s naikrupneyshim tank fleet. Here hunt once again remind you that lead a normal war without tanks unreal. Lowercase this truth must be repeated as often tank «bury», stating that he is out of date. These statements contained profound internal contradiction that for some reason no one notices. From the perspective of «gravediggers» of the tank, it is outdated since become very vulnerable, no other charges are not established tank. Indeed, the development of anti-money invested billions of dollars in the world, created a huge number of them. Case, but that at least some other class of ground vehicles for one or two orders of magnitude more vulnerable than a tank. If the tank is out of date because of the vulnerability means a ground war in general can no longer lead. That can hardly be seriously open a discussion. Nothing comparable to the tank based on the belief combination of firepower, mobility and protection, and never will be. «VBC» carefully wrote about this in his article «On» funeral «tanks can not be out of the question.» It also carefully open a discussion of the Chinese state tank fleet. In troops had received more than four thousand modern tanks Type-96 and Type-99, with the substitution of old to new is the principle of «one to one». In other words, the radical quality update does not lead to a quantitative reduction. Machines Ture-96/96A already received all seven military districts PLA Type-99 — yet only three neighborhood: Shenyang, Beijing and Lanzhou (specifically those that are adjacent to the border with Russia). In general, they also appear uniformly in all the suburbs, although in our literature to this day you can meet the phrase that this tank in moderate quantities supplied exclusively in elite units. As much now in the PLA elite units …

It should be noted the fact that in May 2012 during the battle for the disputed city Heglig Type-96 tanks of the Sudan Armed Forces shot down more than 4 T-72 Southern Sudan (that were bought by the state in Ukraine) without losses from their own side. So Makarov, more massive Chinese tanks, at least not inferior to qualitatively more massive Russian. Clarify the final battles in Southern Sudan Education Heglig bad tank can hardly be, for there is no reason to believe that the Sudanese tankers are trained better. Naturally, we can assume that the Type-96 crews consisted of Chinese, but then the T-72 crews would fully staffed by the Eastern Slavs …

The most powerful MLRS

The Chinese made a whole family of amphibious combat vehicles BMP headed by WZ-502 (aka ZBD-04), which is installed on the tower from our BMP-3 (adopted Marines already received up to 300 of these machines, their creation lasts). Naturally, the fact amphibian was definitely regarded by all professionals in preparation for a landing on Taiwan, although these machines can successfully swim, for example, the Amur and Ussuri. But then in the PLA saw amphibious weakens security. After that was created by a modification of the BMP newcomer — WZ-502G. By strengthening of armor she no longer swims. But, according to Chinese sources, the tower WZ-502G, well maintained housing forehead hit 30-mm armor-piercing projectile from a distance of one kilometer, and the sides of the hull — 14.5 mm ammunition with 200 meters. By fascinating coincidence, 30 mm — this caliber gun 2A42, which is the main armament Russian BMP-2. For reference, on the American BMP «Bradley» is set 25-millimeter cannon M242. A 14.5 mm — this is generally unique caliber. It has only one gun in the world — our KPVT, the main armament of Russian BTR. The highest caliber machineguns Western — 12.7 mm.

Not counting the latest BMP are adopted by different PLA APCs and armored cars, including, curiously, built on technology MRAP, in other words, created for counterinsurgency wars.

Are booming cannon artillery. Namely, enters into service 155-mm self-propelled guns PLZ-05 (already received more than 250 units).

Usually the stronger side of the PLA ground forces is a rocket artillery. The country has created a huge number of samples multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS), both based on Russian and absolutely own. Reasonably, that it is in China developed the most powerful and long-range missile systems in the world — WS-2 (6h400 mm), the first modifications which have firing range of 200 km, and the last (WS-2D) — 350-400 km. No South American MRLS and HIMARS, nor our «Smerch» are not even close to TTX to WS-2.

General introduction of MLRS on ground area targets more profitable than using them for aviation. After all, with all this there is the risk of loss is very expensive aircraft and more expensive training of the crew spent fuel is also very valuable. Only spent ammunition, and while they have MLRS cheaper aircraft. Missing accuracy MLRS compensated lots of shells produced in one salvo. In addition, at the moment and MLRS Rockets become justable. Namely, it refers to the WS-2 projectiles. Moreover, any of the MLRS PU will have a personal reconnaissance drone, further increasing accuracy. MRL also significantly superior tactical missiles and combat power at even lower cost shells. The main drawback of MRL compared with aviation and TR usual number of missing firing range. But now the Chinese have removed this defect.

It should be noted that from the depths of Manchuria WS-2D is capable of simultaneously kill all the Russian armed forces in areas of Vladivostok — Ussuriisk, Khabarovsk and Blagoveshchensk — Belogorska. And from the border of Manchuria (but still with the Chinese countryside) this MLRS kill Russian troops and air bases in the region of Chita and strategic enterprises Komsomolsk-on-Amur. With all of this small-sized shells WS-2D have hypersonic speed, their flight time even at the highest range does not exceed 5 minutes. Russian air defense is not something that hit even find them can not. Especially since completely impossible to find on the deployment of MLRS Chinese countryside, as they resemble ordinary PU trucks (even guides are very suitable to disguise the truck box shape). And it’s not defensive, but purely shock, offensive system. South American «Tomahawk», of course, have a much great range, but their speed at subsonic because the flight time on the highest range is not 5 minutes and two hours. Besides their PU (cruisers and destroyers), certainly not under what not zamaskiruesh. More of the same is nothing even remotely comparable to TTX with WS-2 in NATO countries do not.

The nearest time a weak side PLA ground forces was the lack of the attack helicopter. Z-9, made on the basis of the French «Dauphin», could be considered as such only very conditionally. But now, this problem is overcome, enters into service developed with the introduction of both Russian and Western technology WZ-10 (already have 60 machines, the creation lasts).

Large-scale maneuvers

Very addictive nature are teaching the PLA ground forces. In September 2006, China held unprecedented scale exercises Shenyang and Beijing military districts PLA 2-most massive of their own potential of 7. Specifically, these neighborhood adjacent to the border with Russia on its eastern section, the length of which is 4.3 thousand kilometers. In the course of the exercise of the Shenyang IN did throw a distance of 1000 km at the Beijing area IN where they held a training fight with parts of this neighborhood. Redeployment conducted as its own power, and by rail. The objectives of the exercise began working out maneuvering abilities of army units on bolshennom locations distant from home and increase the level of control logistics support troops.

In 2009, these trends have received imminent development. In the PRC passed naikrupneyshim in scope in its history military exercises «Kuyuae-2009.» They were carried out on four areas of military districts — Shenyang, Lanzhou, Jinan and Guanchzhouskogo. They participated to 50 thousand ground troops and air force, more than 6 thousand ton. During maneuvers troops overcame difficulties in the general 50 thousand kilometers. Namely, four combined arms division did march (by rail, and then its course) at a distance of two thousand miles. On maneuvers perfected joint actions of all arms in the criteria of modern warfare. One of the goals of the maneuvers was to check the latest weapons systems, and public health deployable China satellite navigation system «Beidou» — similar to the American GPS.

Fully understood that a similar scenario exercises in advance does not have any business to seize Taiwan, nor to repel anger from the U.S.. Capturing Taiwan would represent airborne amphibious operation, the size of a land war theater (theater) on the peninsula is very small, its width from west to east is not greater than 150 km, respectively, are impossible thousand-marches. In addition, in the ongoing exercises were not involved troops IN Nanking, which aims to act against Taiwan.

Anger from the U.S., even if and submit it for myself, can only have temper strike sea and air with precision weapon to destroy the military and economic potential of China. Acts on the land for the U.S. could be suicidal because of the huge numerical advantages of the PLA, with all this quite stupid with military, political and economic perspective.

Especially since China can not wait any malice on the part of either country, since such an attack would be most effective for the invader and spirited method of suicide. Because conduct exercises for practicing strategic scale defense tasks makes no sense, such puzzles before the PLA just not worth it. This is understandable and PLA commanders, because the teachings of the act is not practiced defensive and offensive.

Of course, that to solve internal problems also conducting similar operations in advance sverhizbytochno separatism in Xinjiang and Tibet does not make problems for Beijing this magnitude, so their solution was required for transfer and deployment of large army formations. Social unrest while also limited, although the management of the country feared their expansion due to the economic crisis. The main thing is that the teachings worked out combat actions «army against the army,» and not counterinsurgency war and oppression internal strife.

Accordingly, the question arises: what is the army ground forces and the PLA Air Force are going to fight with the introduction of the most advanced military equipment, satellite navigation systems and other advanced systems, combat support?

It must be emphasized that only in Russia and Kazakhstan likely offensive to a depth of 2-thousand kilometers. In Southeast Asia, the depth of theater in general does not exceed 1.5 thousand kilometers, the Korean peninsula is less than 750 km. In addition, and the area where the training exercises, most closely matches their physical and geographical conditions of the regions of Central Asia, the Far East and Trans-Baikal, and not Southeast Asia.

Moreover, in the winter of 2012-2013 troops Shenyang and Beijing conducted a series of exercises IN to the widespread introduction of armored vehicles and artillery in the criteria of extremely low temperatures and the deepest snow cover. There is already a uniquely innocent Taiwan or Southeast Asia …

Alexander Hramchihin,


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