China: the four wings of a bird — not a fairy tale




Such a surprise announcement made by Chinese paleontologists who discovered the fossilized remains of protoptitsy with an extra pair of long, curved wings on the feet, which is believed to have "helped to improve the aerodynamic properties of the" ancient birds.

In this case, unlike modern birds, tail feathers in their distant ancestors were much shorter.

Using radiocarbon analysis found that chetyrehkrylye creatures lived on Earth 124-145 million years ago and belonged to an entirely extinct group of primitive birds, these scientists enantiornithines.

Reported the discovery of a unique journal Nature. This discovery provides some confirmation of the controversial theory that the birds have passed through the stage of chetyrehkrylyh beings before their tail in the evolution of the current adopted an aerodynamic shape that helps the birds in flight.

It is significant that there is still a number of birds use their limbs during the flight: for example, the Kittiwake straightens webbed feet which it acts as a sort of air brake.

A new find of paleontologists has not received any names. She reminds gliding dinosaur the size of a squirrel with long feathers on the feet.

Battery News, 22.10.2004 12:50
Source: MIGnews

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