Chinese student married mummy




The unique marriage told the newspaper "News of the Beyond." In one of the side streets taybeyskih poor mathematics student Liang Wei said the pavement diamond ring and picked it up. Immediately next door there was a gentleman who asked the stunned Liang to marry his deceased daughter 3 years ago. The spirit of the girl, according to the medium, which turned her family, alarmed by the fact that the poor girl ever seen a ghost, can not find no rest because of the fact that she remained unmarried. A specialist in communication with the world beyond the grave advised to throw out an engagement ring, and then the deceased will bring him the one who wanted to have her fiance.

The proposal to marry the deceased young man has since Attached is a very respectable dowry. Yes, and future father-in was not the last person in the Taiwanese business community and promised to Mr. Liang as a relative protection of his career. At the wedding ceremony the bride instead of sitting behind a desk specifically ordered a mannequin, and in bed on their wedding night was placed a memorial plaque with the name of the girl.

After a month, Liang Wei is entitled to declare himself a widower and married again. The only "but" it advantageous marriage — the need to participate in all the funeral rites for "wife" who spends her relatives.


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