CIS countries have decided to dispense with the dollar and euro

ASHGABAT, December 5. One of the main issues of the CIS summit in Ashgabat will be the creation of an integrated currency market. According to Russian Ambassador Alexander Blokhin, Turkmenistan, "in the countries — participants of the agreement will be free to perform exchange operations", ie trade currencies directly without intermediate conversion to their dollars and euros.

According to the Russian diplomat, the agreement to sign six countries: Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. Abstentions today the CIS, having considered its economic viability, may in the future to join the agreement.

The economic benefit is obvious, writes, "Nezavisimaya Gazeta". Signatory countries can be made between the calculations without the involvement of a third currency — that is, the direct exchange of direct quotations. Say Tajik somoni can communicate directly to the Kyrgyz som. Then as now for this exchange somoni first converted into dollars (euros), and only then issued catfish. This results in a loss of funds due to the effects of currency buying and selling.

The second advantage, which gives monetary integration — the international participants of a transaction comes the freedom to choose the currency of payment. For example, among some Russian and Kazakh companies can calculate and the Kazakh tenge, and in Russian rubles, and even simultaneously in both currencies — as profitable.

"Integrated FX market will create conditions for maneuver in financial and accounting activities for all operations — and trade, and economic, and therefore, very seriously increased the possibility of real economic integration, removing from the calculation of high-risk crossings of U.S. currency and in euro. Thus reduce currency risks, reduces the calculation time, accelerates the procedure and to some extent facilitated the procedure of inter-state settlement "- explained the head of the department of Economics Institute of CIS Aza Migranyan.

As for the countries that have not acceded to the agreement, then, as the expert, it depends not only on the extent of their interest in the integration process, but also on the political relationship. Ukraine, with its western vector at this stage of the integration will not join the currency market. "Maybe it will happen later, after the" running "of the system as a whole, or after Kiev reaches agreement with Moscow on gas transportation and political issues, as well as the possible membership in the Customs Union and the Common Economic Space (CES), or in another unification ", — said Aza Migranyan.

This agreement is not interesting, and Moldova. Republic, as President Nicolas Timofti, late, but still decided on the course for ervointegratsiyu. Timofti statement, according to experts, it was inconsistent with the ruling alliance, and it was decided to send to Ashgabat instead of the Prime Minister Vlad Filat. Before the summit, he sent to Russian President Vladimir Putin to the request for a personal meeting. Questions to be addressed urgently, a lot. In particular, Moldova did not respond to a request by the Kremlin to open the Russian consulate in Tiraspol, and has not signed a contract for gas imports, which expires on January 1.

It was reported that at the meeting of heads of state in Ashgabat on December 5 will consider 20 draft documents aimed at deepening regional cooperation in the economic and humanitarian, security and other areas.

It should be noted that the heads of government of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), after a meeting in Bishkek agreed to establish a development fund (Special Account), the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and the Development Bank of the SCO. In addition, the document was signed the SCO budget for 2013.

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