Cities of the future will be filled with insects


It is believed that the planet in the distant past has experienced a period of global warming, and more recently in the U.S. city of Raleigh found a kind of "message" from that distant era — the tiny deadly insects.

Emily Meynike entomologist, who found insects, believes that this global warming is to be repeated in the next 50 years. Her team found a beetle the size of a bright spangle, called "scaly", and such insects in tropical areas was 13 times higher than in the cold. They settle on the trees and gradually kill them. Of course, the beetles have been known to science before, but their numbers are growing rapidly.

Beetles are harmless to man, but they do great damage to the environment. The main problem is that the bugs spoil trees, is an important cornerstone of urban ecosystems. When you consider that the urban environment and so not too favorable for the plant, increasing the number of beetles most of the trees will die. This will lead to further air pollution in urban areas, and thus reduce the number of healthy individuals. In addition, the trees are home to birds and other vertebrates, and the loss of trees will lead to a reduction in their numbers.

Meynike and her colleagues suggest that, while in the cities and a more comfortable environment for increasing the number of bugs, but soon they will be in the woods. If the trees in the forests die, the animals who live there will be more vulnerable, and all the factors together lead to irreparable breaches in the natural food chain.

If you want to understand how the city of the future will look like, just imagine a bare tree trunks covered with a carpet of wiggling insects.

And now …

Malicious bark beetles destroy thousands of acres of pine forests in the best areas of the suburbs.

What is happening close to the environmental disaster, says the magazine "Kommersant Money." According to the regional government, beetle affected 43 million hectares of forest. Pessimistic forecasts Forestry Committee of the Moscow region say 70 thousand hectares, "Greenpeace" says 100 thousand.

In July 2012 bark beetle attacked the residence of Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev, in the affected area were the western and northern areas of the Moscow region, where the residence of the politicians and businessmen. The situation is complicated by the fact that poedennye beetle trees are not taken out for recycling, and are left in the logging.

By the massive proliferation of pests brought a heat wave in 2010. There was a lot of loose, barren trees, which are the main food of bark beetles. Beetles are also bred by fallen trees that were not promptly dismantled, after which the insects have moved on healthy plantings. In autumn 2010, an attack by bark beetles subjected to every tenth tree forest near Moscow. In this case, the defenders of the forest itself can not be cut down dead trees — it is illegal and the destruction of federal property.

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