Classified as Secret. The Angel astronauts

January 29, 2012 16:01

UFOs, angels and other "weird" objects that monitor people may just be the result of hallucinations resulting from altered states of consciousness, according to experts at NASA. However, the stories of pilots and astronauts who met the "representatives" of other worlds just there in the archives classified as "Confidential."

In 1985, aboard the Soviet space station "Salyut-7" a crew of six. These were the cosmonauts Leonid Kizim Oleg Atkov, Vladimir Soloviev, Svetlana Savitskaya, Igor Volk, and Vladimir Dzhanibekov. Walked 155-day flight. The crew carried out normal chores, preparing for a series of laboratory experiments. Suddenly, the familiar rhythm of work has been violated. Station cloud enveloped strange orange gas. All those in a while completely blinded by the light. When the vision had returned to them, the crew members clearly saw on the other side portholes seven figures … The aliens looked like humans, but they are distinguished by the tremendous growth, large wings on his back and a shining halo around her head. The creatures look exactly as you would describe … angels!

Report the incident to the crew transferred to Earth. Acquainted with him, officials immediately imposed a document marked "Confidential." All involved in the incident were subjected to various psychological and medical tests, which, however, have shown that any deviation from the norm is not in sight. Later astronauts strictly forbidden to talk about what they saw …

This is not only meeting with the "angels" that took place in outer space. Not long ago, the Western media published sensational pictures taken at different times of the orbital telescope "Hubble". They show some mysterious structures — in particular, the human-like silhouettes of flying with wings.

Of particular interest to researchers unknown caused a series of photographs depicting the Earth's orbit seven brightly luminous objects of unknown origin. In some images revealed slightly blurred winged figure. Engineer of the "Hubble" John Pratchett happened to contemplate their own eyes. He claims that this was really living beings rise of about 20 meters and a wingspan, reached lengths of modern Airbus …

It was found that often accompanied the angelic creation in flight crews of U.S. "space shuttle." But, as in our country, this information is held in the U.S. in secret.

December 26, 1994 telescope "Hubble" conveyed in Goddard Space Flight Center in Grinbalte hundreds of photos depicting a large white city floating in outer space. Survey was conducted from the area of the star cluster from Earth at a considerable distance. The city was not on the surface of a planet — it just floated in space. Of course, U.S. officials have tried to hide this fact from broad sections of the population. However, it is rumored that at the highest level is very serious about the NASA report.

One of the Russian cosmonauts, who worked for six months on the space station "Mir", told his friends that during the flight he and his partner had repeatedly been fantastic visions. They thought that they turn into other creatures — humans, animals, and even … humanoid extraterrestrial origin. On these conditions, and telling the other members of crews of ships. There are cases when the astronauts on board saw phantoms living or dead loved ones.

The same thing happens with the plane's pilot. It is, for example, the phenomenon of the so-called "giant hands." It generally occurs during long flights. This driver has the feeling that the wheel keeps some invisible hand. A study conducted by the U.S. Air Force, found that about 15 percent of the pilots experienced the effect of this. Perhaps it is he is often a cause of accidents.

NASA psychologists believe that most of these events have a psychic nature and are due to the influence of the brain on factors such as sudden changes in pressure, temperature, lack of oxygen, etc. Although part of the same phenomena explain everything so far.

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