Climate change is happening too fast

Climate change is happening too fast

The climate is changing much faster than is the adaptation rights. This imbalance has led to the fact that the temperature increase caused a sharp outbreak of infectious and parasitic diseases in the past two years.

Damage estimated at more than 18 billion rubles. This was stated by the director of the Arctic Institute of Medicine at the SSMU Galina Degteva VII Northern Social and Environmental Congress. This was reported in the press service of the Northern Arctic Federal University (Safa).

Global climate change, according to WHO experts, rather strongly affected is Arctic territory. The climate is changing the way of life not only humans, but also animals. The melting ice in the Arctic makes polar bears do not find food in the sea and on land. Now bears rush in search of food in residential settlements, which poses a real threat to humans. In addition to climatic factors, the risk to human health presented by the waste timber industry, oil, large concentrations of industrial waste and household waste.

Note that the first congress held in Arkhangelsk and addresses issues of health, environment, quality of life of Northerners and climate change taking place in the Arctic. His work involved more than 60 experts from different regions of Russia and the world, including Bettina Mene and Joe Nurse — international experts of the World Health Organization (WHO). Congress is held under the auspices of the 300th anniversary of MV University.

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