Coming from the underworld

October 12, 2012 18:38

In 1698, the Faculty of Law, Professor Johann Klein of the University of Rostock in eastern Germany have described the following incident.

Coming from the underworld

A certain great lady Marie de Mondelon went to court to assert inheritance rights to his young son. The fact that Marie de Mondelon claimed that she had conceived the child during sleep, which came to her husband. In reality, this could not be, because her husband, a nobleman Jerome Auguste de Mondelon, spent four years in distant lands, and died shortly before had to go back home. But Madame de Mondelon insisted against all evidence, that the boy should be the rightful heir to the estate of his father …

 The court tried to reject unusual statement, but his decision was appealed to the Parliament of Grenoble, for midwives and doctors have confirmed that such a conception in a dream is not only possible but also quite widespread. Based on their statement, the parliament and heeded the request of Marie de Mondelon. However, according to Dr. Johan Klein, at the Sorbonne in this respect was his own opinion. It came down to the fact that the parliament just went to meet a woman in a difficult position.
I must say, the position of Madame de Mondelon was really difficult. At first glance, her version of events does not cause any trust. All the more incredible is even one case is already reflected in current medical documentation of one of the women's clinics Northern District of Moscow.
Olga 'nth family life ended due to exposed doctors gynecological diagnosis, known among non-medical public as "child queen." In other words, the child she could not be at all. Err in this diagnosis doctors could not, because it is set is very simple — the usual inspection. And now, three months after the departure of her husband, whom Olga loved truly, a 20-year-old woman appeared in front of his district gynecologist … with eight-week pregnancy! In the entire history of Russian medicine, according to experts, a similar case was known to only one, and he also recorded in Moscow in 1910 …
But the main thing. The main thing is that the very same Olga says that claimed at the time (300 years before her!) Madame de Mondelon!
According to the woman, the day care of her husband she sobbed until midnight, until the forces have left her permanently. The next day crying resumed and continued for almost a month. Parents were seriously worried for the health of his daughter no exhortations have not acted on it, the mountain does not go, do not let up … And one night, when she fell asleep exhausted Olga, she dreamed a dream: returning husband violently ill regrets his action, begged her forgiveness, made multiple sexual attacks, and during lovemaking a voice whispered in his ear the woman: "Today you are conceived a son …"
It is unlikely that Olga would give importance to sleep if he woke up, had found himself completely naked. The woman remembered that nap and clothing, as the power to strip (and desires too!) It was in the evening. And, according to her, she almost was not surprised when after three or four weeks felt the first signs of toxicity characteristic of pregnancy.
All the subsequent history of this incredible Olga months spent in hospital under close scrutiny of doctors, who feared for her life during the second half of pregnancy. Was possible (because of the diagnosis, which has not been canceled), uterine rupture, rescue from which women rarely works. All, thank God, there were: Holguin son just turned three years old, a woman insists that the boy — a replica of his father. That is a fugitive husband, who, in turn, has no intention to recognize nowhere seized the child …
We ask the question: where are taken in such situations, children? And is it really so rare these very situations, we think?
Not only in the history of magic, but also according to the teachings of the Church Fathers "culprit" of this conception exists. He has a name that reflects, rather, its status and history of — Incubus. Many thousands of years ago, Incubus was an angel, but later fell out of favor because of his not satisfied sexually attracted to women … So was his downfall, and the result was the Incubus demon. In this capacity, he continued to indulge their carnal passions attack the most vulnerable women in his sleep, raped them or provoke a ladies special force sexual desire, which could only satisfy himself — Incubus, which becomes the devil's lover.
According to the general opinion, demons spirits are not your body. Therefore, they often materialize either in the body of the dead, or use temporary body-dwelling, and the most cunning of them are translated into real live human body: the lack of a husband or, say, a nice neighbor …
But how did the woman can determine who is her lover?
They say that there are several characteristics that distinguish demons from people in the process of sexual intercourse. While in bed, women entered Incubus, the rest of the house, including the four-legged family members, and even the nearby spouse (if, of course, not out) fall into unnaturally deep, "dead" sleep. Still others are more obvious signs. Incubus — disgusting lover, always in the process of inflicting intimacy his beloved pain … From it also is not just blows really cold beyond the grave. He is the ice "to touch", the touch (including intimate) Incubus woman physically feels not only external but also internal cold.
It was believed that the famous magician Merlin was just the result of the mating. This is not denied even by his mother, declaring that she was raped by Incubus. For this reason, she refused to nurse her newborn son, did not wish to engage children and their upbringing. Medieval documents literally full of accounts of the birth of demi-poluzverey, responsible for the birth of that supposedly is Incubus.
But the most unpleasant is that, despite so much attention to the devil's lover, for many centuries, neither magic nor the Church have not been able to come up with a decent, and most importantly, guaranteed protection from Incubus.
It was believed that prayer sometimes help, sometimes — an exorcism or a blessing. But very often, and it is useless.
According lived in the XVII century Franciscan monk, author of «Demonialiti» Ludovico Sinistrari "Incubus do not obey exorcists, are not afraid of spells, cast them out, do not bow to the holy places, not in any way without feeling fear before them … sometimes even laughing exorcists themselves and attack them and tear the sacred vestments. "
About what are the facts of our day? Do they exist at all?
Engaged in the collection of such information as it may seem, ufologists. People, especially those closely studying the "flying saucers." Because in our time for Incubus prefer sex to take shape NLOnavtov, alien creatures. But as the object of their attention they choose (in 99 cases out of 100) women who believe in life on other planets, interested abnormal phenomena, aliens … That they are victims of the current Incubus women, as we know, curious men, and if it really representative fair sex is something seriously interested, thinking about it will not care — not before! The main thing — to satisfy the curiosity of … Meanwhile, should remember that it is the heightened emotions and open the corridor leading to our nature, which is close to unbearable distance all sorts of evil!
Maybe someone convinced of the need to learn restraint, taming innate curiosity American History Jill Monroe. This somewhat overripe virgin (established doctors) has been a hot fan ufology. And longed personally poznakomtsya though with some, albeit with the unsold NLOnavtom. One girl followed flight from New York to South Carolina and at a height of 5000 meters in the window spotted a UFO, following the same course, along the liner.
Suddenly, from the "plates" separated "ET" on the nose looks like an ordinary, only a very handsome man. Hollywood cute blond broad sample — one of those who in real life is not too attractive to watch Jill and I would not. Handsome swam toward the porthole and the next moment he found himself mysteriously on a nearby empty chair with a girl. The flight was the night, many of the passengers were asleep. But as soon as "alien" blond showed up on the plane, everything plunged into fast sleep. In addition to Jill, which was to go through an extremely painful and traumatic sexual abuse by a stranger … Her screams none of the passengers did not wake up.
And then her partner was gone, literally dissolving h air. After a month or so Jill, whose virginity really has not been broken, I felt pregnant. She decided to give birth, and even attracted by vanity, gave an interview in this regard, which, of course, no sane American would believe it.
I mean, not really believed until delivered by caesarean section, made Jill forced, in order to save the lives of mothers, do not find out who matured in the womb … Pictures monster, is more reminiscent of a classic image of the devil, then walked almost all the newspapers West … Ugly, from which his mother recoiled in horror, and then refused, he lived a little — a few weeks. But it was enough to stress forever left a mark on the life and soul of Jill. At the moment it is — the elder of his parish — absolutely no doubt about the true nature long ago was attracting its UFO incidents and seven months a year tirelessly travels to America to lecture on the subject …

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