Communist Party: Russian army on the edge of the abyss

Now every Russian perfectly understands that the past glory of Russian Army remains only a memory. Values in the military predominance in the global and changed significantly. Only 20 years ago there were two real powers — the USSR and the U.S., now on the first role is China and the armed forces of Western European countries, only the United States retain their dominant positions. Our homeland is due to laying the foundation continues to be in the top three of favorite, but if China is already ahead of our armed forces in many ways, it would soon rapidly developing its own military potential of Germany, France and England will leave Russia behind. The most annoying in this situation for the Russian military — is the lack of appropriate response to such an ugly situation from the government. Many Russians middle age well remember how demanding the communist government of the Soviet Union belonged to the armed forces of its own country, but is there any chance in the modern representatives of the Communist Party regain its former strength and international recognition of our troops. February 3, chaired by Gennady Zyuganov, a favorite of Russian Communists in the Duma held a "round table", the main theme of which was to discuss the problems of defense reform and defense of the Russian Federation. In the middle of its members were deputies of the State Duma, generals, scientists, representatives of the military-industrial complex.

In his own opening remarks, Zyuganov said that now in the criteria for the efficient mechanism for crisis management by the state from the current government is not. With this in mind, the impending reform of the armed forces can be regarded as the truest sin. The main task of which is to decide "round table", it is clear understanding and definition of the circumstances of this development environment, which will certainly help to work out measures to suspend a similar robbery. Favourite Russian Communists said that capitalism throughout its history has gone through two 10-ka crises. Two of which led to the bloody world wars.

The deputy of the Communist Party faction, deputy. Chairman of the State Duma committee on municipal construction and constitutional law, a favorite of the All-Russian Movement in support of the armed forces, military science and defense industry V.Ilyuhin referred to the planned reform of the latter. After her in the armed forces of our country is not trivial and must sformirovyvaetsya anew. But in this situation it is not necessary to shoulder all the responsibility for this on the Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov. It — only dedicated performer. The main culprit of all events — past president of the country, and now Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. It is during his administration, the concept of criminal reform. The current president Dmitry Medvedev only machine of its legalized. V.Ilyuhin stressed that the government is now working against their own country, and the parliament is almost removed from the solution of global problems of security.

President of the Academy of international problems, Colonel-General Leonid Ivashov said that the leading countries of the world now significant increment military spending. West abruptly changed the balance of power on a global scale in their favor. United States and its European allies have made a breakthrough in high-quality military developments. Already now they experience and take on arms combat systems 5th generation while in service of our army are still made in the Soviet era systems, representing the third generation. In the late summer of 2007, the United States has conducted successful tests combat cyber-weapons that can be influenced by the distance to the computer networks of enemies and pull them down.

Our homeland has lost the opportunity to maintain their own military parity, and the creation of battle groups. Military-industrial complex now is not a complete system, and a set of companies that are mostly aimed at zabugornye markets. Russian government elite behaves very carelessly and more than that criminal. As an illustrative example, Leonid Ivashov led the work of the "Norilsk Nickel", which ships the whole it produces metal cobalt in the United States. Overseas military constructor the development of production of continuous chemical laser, which is now used in the work on the creation of a missile defense system. In 1993, the United States has been sold virtually all cooked in store weapons-grade uranium. At the direction of Vladimir Putin sent the Yankees hidden technology for the production of entirely new types of tactical nuclear weapons.

As for the so-called military reformation Anatoly Serdyukov, then it can not adequately respond to any of the current security challenges of. The planned elimination of armies and regiments — reckless, foolish and useless. As a result, the Russian armed forces will remain less than a million soldiers, but for their service will involve 800 — 900 thousand civilian professionals.

Admiral V.Selivanov, first 90s of the Head Chief of Naval Staff, told of a difficult situation Russian naval forces. Warships in fact. Now The Black Sea and Baltic Fleets, taken together, the quantitative composition of less than 5th operational squadron of the Soviet Navy, which was in the Mediterranean. In the Baltic Sea and the Black Sea at the disposal of the sailors remained on a submarine.

Battle of the fleet is in such a condition, it is not realistic to hold any significant maritime operations. In the past 17 years, purely Russian-built ships were transferred to the army of two: the diesel submarine "Saint Petersburg" and corvette "Guarding". All the others — it ships laid down in the Russian era. Now Our homeland in general has lost the ability to create aircraft carriers and nuclear submarines, because the main production facilities are located in the Ukraine.

Gen. P.Deynekin in 1991-1998, Air Force Commander, braked existing dilemmas of aviation. He said that now our distant bombers conduct patrols at the borders of the probable enemy in the best form pairs. Whereas during the Soviet era sorties were carried out often entire divisions, and that 40 cars. P.Deynekin indicated that it is unlikely the further reform of the Armed Forces realized with the care of military personnel and their family members.

Of course, the facts of which read, people close to the army and its dilemmas look horrific. From all of the above listed can make one conclusion: with a similar attitude to the armed forces have no hope of leading positions, and more than that, more than ever for the modern Russian Federation are the words of the 1st of majestic generals: "The state, which does not feed its own army will feed the army of the enemy. "

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