Concept of reality

January 8, 2012 4:43

Concept of realityPhysical reality is self-similar at different levels: in spite of the enormous complexity of the universe and multiverse, some pictures are repeated endlessly. Earth and Jupiter — very unlike the planet, but they are moving in an orbit and are composed of the same set of about a hundred chemical elements (although in different proportions). The same applies to their counterparts from parallel universes. Certificate, which made such a strong impression on Galileo and his contemporaries, also exist on other planets and distant galaxies. Evidence which is investigating physicists and astronomers have been available a billion years ago and will be available in another billion years. The very existence of the general explanatory theories means that disparate objects and events in some way physically similar. Light that falls to us from distant galaxies — it's just the light, but to us it seems galaxies. Thus, the reality has not only evidence, but also the means (for example, the mind and the products of our life) of understanding. In physical reality there are mathematical symbols. And what exactly do we put them there, do not detract from their physical nature.

These symbols — in our planetariums, books, films, the memory of our computers and in our brains — there are images of physical reality as a whole, not only are the appearance of objects, but also the structure of reality. There are laws and explanation, reduction and outgoing. There are descriptions and explanations of the Big Bang and the sub-nuclear particles and processes, there are mathematical abstractions, speculation, art, ethics, shadow photons and parallel universes. The degree of truth of all these characters, images and theories — that there are some similarities with concrete or abstract things, to which they belong — defines a new self-similarity, which makes the reality of their existence. This self-similarity we call knowledge.

Despite the fact that solipsism and its related doctrines logically self-consistent and can be completely refuted, simply perceived as a serious explanation. While they all claim to be the world-simplified, this analysis shows that they are nothing more than over-complicated forms of realism that can not be defended. Real category behave complex and autonomous manner, which can be taken as a criterion of reality: if something "gives feedback," it exists. Scientific reasoning using observation, not as a basis of extrapolation, but as a tool for finding differences in explanations that are not inferior to each other in the other parameters, can give us true knowledge of reality.

Thus, the special property of self-similarity of the physical world enables science and other forms of knowledge. However, for the first time this property is recognized and studied not physics, and mathematics and theorists in the field of computing.
The most notable physical manifestation of universality — the area of technology, which has been discussed for decades, but only now beginning to develop — a virtual reality. This term refers to any situation in which artificially creates a sense of being human in a particular environment. For example, a flight simulator — a machine that gives the pilot the sensation of flying a plane without leaving the ground — is a kind of virtual reality generator. In such a machine (or more precisely, a computer that manages it), you can enter data in a real or an imaginary plane. The program also can determine the environmental impact aircraft, such as the weather and airport diagram. As soon as the pilot practiced flights from one airport to another, the simulator is certain images in the windows, feelings arise when flying jerks and accelerations corresponding readings, etc. It can include effects such as turbulence, mechanical damage and the proposed modifications of aircraft. Thus, the flight simulator can give the user a wide range of sensations from the flight, including the feeling that is not available in the real plane: simulation aircraft may have the technical characteristics that violate the laws of physics, for example, he can fly through the mountains, faster than light or no fuel.

Modern video games can make the interaction between the player and the object of the game, but they tend to use only a small part of the sensory range of users. This "environment" consists of the images on a small screen and some sounds that are heard by the user. However, there are virtual video games, more worthy of the name. Typically, the user wears a helmet with built-in headphones and two TV screens (one for each eye), sometimes — special gloves and other clothing inside sheathed electrically controlled effectors (devices that create pressure). It also contains sensors that capture the motion of a user's body, especially the head. Information about what the user is doing, is transmitted computer, which calculates that should see, hear and feel the user, and responds by sending appropriate signals to image generator. When a user looks left or right on up to two television screens followed his gaze, like a real field of view to show that the left and right of the virtual world. The user can reach out and pick up a virtual object, it will be like a touch, because effectors gloves generate "tactile feedback" that corresponds to the position and orientation in which the object is visible.

Currently playing and simulation of vehicles — the main applications of virtual reality, but in the near future in sight a number of new areas of application. Architects will soon become commonplace to create virtual prototypes of buildings where customers can go and check the modifications to the stage where they can be implemented with little effort. Customers will be able to pass (or fly) to the virtual supermarkets, from the comfort of your home, even without meeting with a crowd of other customers and not listening to music they do not like. But it is not necessary that they remain in a virtual supermarket alone: in a virtual reality shopping can go with any number of people, everyone will be like the rest of the image and the image supermarket, but none of them will have to leave the house. Concerts and conferences will be held without assigning venues, and the benefit is not only to save on the cost of classrooms, hotels and flights, but also the fact that all the participants will be able to sit in the best place at the same time.

Imagination — is a direct form of virtual reality. It may not be so obvious, but our "direct" perception of the world through our senses — also virtual reality. The fact that our external sense is never direct, we never directly perceive even the signals of our nerves — otherwise we just would not know what to do with the flow of electric crackle, they create. Immediately we sense only transmission in the virtual environment, conveniently created for us by our unconscious mind of a set of sensory data and complex theories of interpretation, born in the mind and acquired from outside.

Reality out there: the objective, physical, independent of what we think about it. But we never feel that reality itself. Every single piece of our external senses — part of a virtual reality. And every single grain of our knowledge — including knowledge of the non-physical worlds of logic, mathematics, philosophy, imagination, fiction, art and imagination — is encoded in the form of programs for the transfer of these worlds using a generator of virtual reality of our own brain.

Concept of reality
Thus, the virtual reality is a part of not only science — reasoning about the physical world. All the arguments, all the thinking and all the external senses — form of virtual reality. All these physical processes, which are still observed in only one place of the universe, near the planet Earth. In Chapter 8, we will see that all life processes are also linked to virtual reality, but people have a special relationship with her. From the point of view iologicheskoy transfer their environment in virtual reality — this is a characteristic means of survival. In other words, this is the reason for human existence.

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