Council under the Ministry of Culture to decide the fate of the church Novogrudskaya

The problem of image Novogrudskaya Borisoglebskaya church will decide Belarusian Republican scientific advisory board for the Historical and Cultural Heritage at the Ministry of Culture. This was announced by the head of the cultural department BelaPAN Novogrudskii executive committee Alexander Karachan.

June 28th chairman of the Belarusian Voluntary Society for the Protection of Monuments of History and Culture Anton Astapovich appealed to the Ministry of Culture in connection with the planned replacement of the towers at the end of tent tsybulepadobnyya dome. As noted in the letter, work is carried out without the authorization of the Ministry and will lead to unnecessary changes in the authentic look of the monument of architecture. To monitor the implementation of the legislation on the protection of historical and cultural heritage Astapovich asked the Ministry of Culture to send Novogrudskii executive committee and the Orthodox parish church of Boris and Gleb determination to stop illegal activities on the historical and cultural value of international importance.

On the same day, Chairman of the Society wrote to the Novogrudskiy executive committee with a proposal to stop the illegal work on the monument, to make the report on administrative offense and start preparing for the examination of the case under Art. 19.3 of the Administrative Code in respect of Boris and Gleb Orthodox parish church Navahrudak.

As the Alexander Karachan, The Ministry of Culture banned the further work on the project. On He said, Church restoration projects will be considered at a meeting of the Board, which can approve or reject them.

In an interview with BelaPAN Secretary of the Board Olga Mikhailova reported that the this issue on the agenda of the Board meeting which is scheduled for July 29.

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