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Over the past week, swimming in rivers and lakes in Belarus, killing 49 people, among them — 5 children. Just on the water this year, 836 people were affected, of which 142 — the children. Meanwhile, forecasters have warned that in the coming days in Belarus remain heat: air warms up to plus 36 ° C.

Since the beginning of the year in Belarus on rivers and reservoirs killed 464 people. Only when swimming — 240, including 26 — children. Experts say that adults drowned predominantly in a state of extreme intoxication and because of negligence, and children — through oversight adults. The chairman of the Belarusian National Society of salvation on the water Anatoly Golub:

"We have the space invaders — known reservoir and dam there — this is a real scourge. This is a restricted area, you can not swim, written everywhere — there is absolutely no swimming. And along the way girls, boys — unmanaged, cheeky, uncivilized — sheer savagery. I'm going to write to the prosecutor, for it is impossible to influence anything. "

According to Golub, drowning mostly men between 20 and 45 years. Injuries to the head, neck and spine vertebrae Keyes time nyrannya get most boys, teenagers and men under the age of 30 years. Special account of injury on the water are not kept, but we are talking about thousands of victims, said the head of the laboratory of the National Scientific and Practical Centre of Traumatology Andrew Mazurenko.

"Given the injury without nevralyagichnyh disorders, if slightly damaged ligaments or vertebrae, that hundreds of people who are treated as resident in their travmatalyagichnyh paragraphs, and list them impossible. For serious back injury, it is a few tens — up to hundreds of people a year. That divers. "

Local government is not something that does not want to organize such places for swimming — not enough money.

In Belarus, 20,000 rivers and lakes, which are located 66 rescue stations and 89 stations. Under current law, within the settlements should be identified, examined and adequately equipped bathing areas. However, the local authorities not only in remote regions, and even the surrounding areas Minsk violate these rules. And this is also one of the reasons for accidents on the water, says Anatoly Golub:

"The Minsk region most problems. Local government is not something that does not want to organize such places for swimming — not enough money. Under Soviet rule over the weekend, when the number of people were great as it is now, on every beach with lifeguards on duty ambulance. It is 100% guaranteed timely medical care. Now — after 15 minutes can arrive: it is possible that later can be. Of course, we try to organize the people's safety on the water, but not as much as would be desirable, is not it. "

Meanwhile forecasters warn that the July 14-15 air temperature in many parts of reach plus 30-34 ° C, in the east of the country, the air warms up to + 36 ° C.


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