Craig Roberts: U.S. Gorbachev took cunning

Craig Roberts: U.S. Gorbachev took cunningCraig Roberts — economist, founder of "Reaganomics" and a member of the secret Committee of the 40th U.S. President Ronald Reagan — told in an exclusive interview with "Pravda.Ru" on behind the scenes of Soviet-American relations. In light of the sudden ceases Reagan which, allegedly Roberts did not want the collapse of the Soviet Union and was aimed at a different temper and scale.

— Mr. Roberts, and is it true that "Reaganomics" — a policy of stimulating economic growth — has played an important role in ending the war with the cool Russian Union?

— Yes, this is indeed the case. The fact is that the U.S. economy from stagflation Macha — simultaneous inflation and unemployment — Russian government has come to the conclusion that capitalism is defeated, along with communism. But when Reagan corrected? Economic error, the Russian government has lost confidence in the fact that the Soviet Union could sustain an arms race.

Next Reagan decided to negotiate with the Russian government to put an end to the war cool. After all, this war draining both countries. In addition, there is always the risk of a miscalculation that could lead to nuclear war and the destruction of life on Earth.

Mikhail Gorbachev, being an intelligent, well-understood this risk and come to an agreement with Reagan. It was a huge achievement for the Yankees, and for the Russian. Between states are likely to co-operation and friendship. But for a long time so could not last. Reagan's successors enjoyed a good will between countries for the accomplishment of U.S. hegemony over the world.

— So you say, that the agreement between the USSR and the USA were dashed Reagan's successors. But in Russia about Reagan a few different view: he is regarded as a politician, who resumed the arms race, made gallaktichesky shield and "cut out the cancer of Communism," luring (or maybe bribed) Gorbachev on his side. Because, maybe not worth it to delete from the list of founders of the modern "South American idiocy"?

— Reagan was not a member of the Republican establishment, in other words, was not an ordinary representative of the Republican Party. Reagan in fact on the nomination of a candidate for the Republican presidential defeated George HW Bush, which just was a representative of the establishment.

Appealing to the voters, Democrats, Republicans, and voters, Reagan received a landslide victory in the elections. Reagan had two strategic objectives: to end stagflation and a cool finish the war. Questions arms race, defense, star wars, it is not enough to motivate. He appealed these concepts to intimidate the Soviet Union — just had to sit down at the negotiating table Gorbachev and end the war cool. Unlike today's Republican Party, Reagan wished for peace, not war.

— Well, you can not know something … Many political projects are classified as top secret.

— I know this for sure, because after successfully overcoming stagflation Reagan proclaimed me a member of a top-secret presidential committee, which had power over even the CIA. So here's the CIA, as well as the most powerful military-industrial complex, opposed the intentions and efforts of Reagan, who wanted to end the war cool. This, by the way, President Dwight Eisenhower warned in his own final appeal to American civilization. Eisenhower was that cool ending the war — is a strong military losses for the industry and the end of the power by the CIA.

— And in what ways, it is reasonable CIA tried to influence the administration Reagan?

— CIA was reassuring that Russian Alliance wins the arms race, as the Soviet Union, unlike the United States, it is possible to control investment and to provide the military industry as much money as you want. But hidden Committee Reagan took over the CIA.

— Mr. Roberts, what do you think about the reasons for the collapse of the Russian Union, and of the collapse of the Soviet Union as such?

— You know, in 1961 I was a member of the Soviet-American exchange programs from the students and what, specifically monitored the situation. And in my first book, published in 1971, I read that the Russian economy collapsed.

Russian Alliance collapsed three years after Reagan left the post of the U.S. President. For us — the whole team Reagan — crash USSR came as a surprise. The purpose of the Reagan team was only to do away with a cool war and get rid of the danger of nuclear war. Also note that Reagan supporters, including myself, were opposed to the expansion of NATO to the borders of Russia.

Oh, and for the U.S. breakup of the Union of Russian not worked very well: the collapse of a strong competitor in the United States has created a terrible ideology known as neoconservatism. Americans declared himself "an indispensable civilization" and now consider it their right to establish their own sacred duty hegemony over the world.

— If you simplify, it turns out that it was all in vain … After a cool war situation in the world has not improved, and even more difficult. You wrote that you crazy and criminal government that sits in Washington, DC, is the greatest threat to life on earth in the history of mankind. Please explain your fear.

— All of the threat comes from the neo-conservative ideology. I find this kind of Marxist ideology, in which stood at the forefront of "democratic capitalism" rather than "proletariat" as the classics.

It is also a South American sense of advantages over other civilizations. All this is like some kind of Nazi Adolf Hitler. But he called it "The advantage of the Aryan race." But, despite the differences in the names, the essence remains the same.

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