Crime flourishes in the U.S. Army

U.S. has always positioned itself in the world as defenders of democracy and fighters for universal equality, but missed the fact that the corruption in the army. South American military bases are located in virtually all regions of the world and the number of soldiers performing there service is very important. In the media the media and then there are facts about the misconduct of the U.S. military overseas. In the middle of these offenses — drunkenness, fights, robberies, fights and rape. And that's not whole list of offenses. But as a result of investigations of all crimes, almost always, the soldiers simply walk away from punishment, or atrocities ignored.

Many of the actions of American military personnel involved in counterterrorism operations in the areas of sovereign states, cause the just indignation of the local population and authorities. For example, in April 2012, soldiers of the 82nd Division of the American airborne troops at inspection sites incarnation attack, photographed next to the remains of terrorists and these pictures were posted in the newspaper Los Angeles Times. The shocking photos were regarded by society as a fact of the world fall of morality and significant reduction in the cultural level of the U.S. Army. And while Defense Minister has publicly stated that this action can not confirm the decrease in the overall level of moral in all divisions of the U.S. Armed Forces, but recognized the need verbovaniya guilty of scandalous shooting to justice. Top Pentagon officials also acknowledged the terrible deed.

But, unfortunately, this was not an isolated case. Not so long ago, it was located on the web video, where South American soldiers serving in the country of Afghanistan, desecrated the bodies of dead Taliban. There, in Afghanistan, the South American military at Bagram Air Base had made for himself prazdnichek, which burned a huge number of Muslim religious literature, including the Muslim holy book — the Koran.

The large response was the case of General Sinclair which incriminate the violence izymatelstvah sins and sexy character. During the search, he had seized a huge number of discs with pornography. And that's not all offenses officer of the high command — he is charged with possession of alcohol, failure to control orders, ill-appeal with the military, humiliation and izymatelstve over subordinates by women, sodomy, etc.

The fact that Gen. Sinclair served for 27 long years in the armed forces, was the offender, and, perhaps, on the mental level of an unhealthy person has caused irreparable harm to the reputation of the U.S. Army.

The case of General was so complex and severe, that the materials were collected and examined for a long time.

According to the news agency, "Al-Jazeera" for 2011, some 3 thousand ladies in the various countries affected by the illegal actions of American military personnel. And these are just the cases that became public, because many of the victims, for various reasons, did not complain to the local law enforcement authorities. From the atrocities of the U.S. military sexy temper suffered not only local residents, and the ladies who are serving in the U.S. Army. According to one of the nurses, she is most afraid of harassment of their own colleagues, than the attacks of enemies.

Educator Institute of San Francisco A. Belkin sure that the blame for all this terrible transgression is low culture and the loss of morality in the U.S. army, the practice of hiding the atrocities committed by South American military.

Still, in some cases, offenders accountable for their misdeeds. Thus, began the trial of a South American Sergeant Bales, which without any apparent circumstances shot 16 Afghan civilians, nine of them people were kids. Although the prosecution requested the death penalty Bailes, but, as indicated by the previous practice of similar judicial review to any soldier has not been used to such punishment. Media said that the U.S. Defense Department has made every effort to atrocities of the U.S. military overseas have not been made public, and if it came out that the Pentagon take constructive measures to Guilty escaped punishment. In general, indicative of the general court-martial Sinclair is the exception to the rule.

According to the statistics, most of the South American war crimes committed in a state of alcohol and drugs.

So, because of constant conflicts and atrocities sexy disposition on the peninsula of Okinawa, which participated in the South American fighters, commanders forbade all military personnel serving on the peninsula, drinking alcohol is local military base.

And while the Pentagon is trying by all means to conceal the facts of crimes in the army from the public, and the army expanded tremendous pace, control of the United States is fighting for the ideas of democracy and equality in the world.

After the second World War, the South American army considered the most brutal in the world. In the second half of the twentieth century, Americans were pioneers in 60 attacks across the world. But despite their hostility and intolerance of anything that does not fit their geopolitical and economic interests, the South American army infected with a virus by the name of "crime." In all of the structural and U.S. Army combat units, including the Pentagon itself, by reason of concern to analysts, introduced the members of 53 gangs.

In its own genotype South American government has a criminal component. If you recall the historical events long years, Britain has ferried to America scam, crooks, criminals, which considerably saves up their funds for the maintenance of all these criminal individuals in jail. Then they were joined by thugs from Europe. They all had hoped to enrich themselves at the expense of developing new lands.

The moral of the criminals and fraudsters firmly entrenched in the minds of American civilization, which, of course, found its reflection in the military-political position of the United States. According to the reports by the FBI in the U.S. Army serving and working gangsters with criminal records, drug addicts and members of various criminal groups.

According to the C-CBS for four years, starting in 2004 to serve in the army of South American immigrants received 100 thousand criminal structures. Military bureaucrats in public statements, indignant, but did not take any measures to prevent the penetration of crime in the country's armed forces. Most likely, these events are associated with the fact that service the army was not to be cute people of the U.S.. The negative attitude of the service are also of numerous military conflicts, which caused the death of the American soldier. People who know that they can achieve heights in life through his own intellect, integrity, hard work, do not want to risk their lives in another military adventure launched by the Pentagon. But the gangsters did not disdain to take part in the fighting, loot and use violence against the civilian population. The statement itself is scary Pentagon officials that the men who have criminal experience under his belt, are extremely useful in combat than law-abiding men. In recruiting new recruits, the bureaucrats do not take into account many facts about the candidates, simplifying the procedure for screening.

This situation recalls the time when the South American Themis issued a verdict of our most ruthless offender Alfonso Capone on a ridiculous article — the non-payment of taxes: at the time, not only the entire economy of the country depended on it the greatest mafia, he has been an integral part of the American system.

Though a lot of time has passed — in modern America will retain the same principle, when the evil that is necessary to fight the state, is that
state and its objectives, including the cover needs to recruit.

The consequences are very sad to recruiting policy: constantly violated an important principle of the army — the discipline. Gangsters have introduced the concept in the Army prison where violence is not considered a misdemeanor, and is classified as a "good tradition". Criminally-minded men to set records for the number of criminal acts against a civilian population. Bloody Crimes bill is already in the thousand, in 2006 revealed more than 10 thousand criminal episodes.

South American gangs, directing its members to serve in the army, and also solve their internal puzzle — getting criminals military training. This is required in order to take possession of Prof. abilities fighting with the police and the armed municipal units. Only a few criminals, wearing military uniforms, become law-abiding military. But most of the gang, getting into the hands of an instrument, start to kill, destroy, pillage and rape.

We have a tradition of biker gangs — to guide newcomers to join the army in order to have mastered the ability of those gun ownership, methods of killing people, martial arts and strategy of street shootings.

Crime fighters and American military officers already well established tool of the illegal trade: from warehouses uncontrollably out small weapons and explosives. With this shady business is not able to cope even South American intelligence agencies.

Returning from the army, members of criminal gangs, not to disturb the joke police and sheriffs, who can no longer withstand collisions with Prof. offenders.

Yet faced with a major failure army USA — suicide. Exclusively in 2012 in its ranks came a record number of suicides — 349. Of these 182 version came out in the Army, 60 — in the ranks of the Navy, 59 — in the Air Force, and 48 — in the Marine Corps. U.S. Defense Secretary Panetta has compared this event with the "epidemic." The number of suicides was higher than the number killed in military operations in Afghanistan during this time (died 295 fighter). The number of soldiers who have had recourse to suicide in 2012, 15% more than in the previous year. Experts predict an increase of this sad figure in 2013.

Psychologists believe that provoke a similar situation with suicides in the ranks of the U.S. military might to causes such as depression, stress, currency and legal difficulties, and fear of the future, which obviously is not seen military personnel in bright colors: it whitewashed house has already announced its program from reduction size of the army, due to the need to reduce the burden on the national budget.

Massive stress factor is that service south american soldier held in troubled regions: the work is usually associated with great responsibility and constant risk of his life, many missing the expected career. These events lead to a breach of the psychological state of the military. Such assumptions inherent in suicide and also for the armed forces of other countries in the world.

Psychologists have found a direct relationship between the socio-political situation in the country and the number of suicides in the military. This statement is completely true for the United States. After all, the country is in the criteria of strongest economic crisis, the economy is trouble for failure, people may try to protect themselves from bankruptcy and, therefore work hard. Consumer model of the Yankees live on credit slips.

The failure of the military operation launched by the Yankees in Iraq and Afghanistan, and also added optimism in the ranks of the military. But it is too early to talk about the existence of a "lost generation" in the United States since the war in this region have gained such a scale as during the First World War, or the situation that has arisen during the Vietnam War.

Naturally, the South American military and the public outraged by deception the Bush administration who lied to their own people about the reasons for the start of military operations in the Middle East. Then the people have declared the need to prevent the risk of introduction of Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction. Hussein did not have guns and found the attitude towards the war changed all of the Yankees, which also damaged the mental state of the military.

To smooth the traumatic situations in the armed forces of at least some of the states to the adoption of measures for improvement of the overarching position among the military, and these measures require huge real costs of social support and, of course, the political will of the government.

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