Croatian VHS machine

Croatian VHS machine
In the midst of wealth firearms completely occasionally someone sends enthusiasm to those standards that are malehankih States. Yet, at times resembling a weapon is quite interesting, and solutions that are used in it, it is not unusual and quite vserasprostraneny. One of the most striking examples of this is considered automatic Croatian VHS, which though lost the bulk of its own inimitable features in mass production, but first instrument was not quite ordinary.

Please 2000s Croatian army in desperate need of substitution machine, which at the time was in service. A prerequisite for this was that the Zastava M70, which gave a one of the many clones of AKM, very old, except that he did not fit the demands of NATO guns, first because of the munition. Instead of such so do «little blood» and make a weapon based on the AK chambered for 5.56 x45, as others have done, it was decided to intensify work on a personal reference tools and machine directly VHS. Work on the new machine headed up Marko Vukovic, known for his pistol HS 2000.

Already in 2005, was presented the first results of which had the opportunity to shoot. The gun was manufactured in the assembly bullpup with the widespread introduction of plastic and mild alloys. Appearance was similar to machine gun the Israeli Tavor, although certain similarities, there were, in fact, only in the assembly tools and safety bracket that covers absolutely everything fingers hand and had the opportunity to do additional role by holding the handle. Inside the gun was interesting enough damping system efficiency in a shootout that worked for propellant gases bled from the barrel. So while shooting, except that the powder gases pushing the bolt carrier, they also set aside a buffer gas in the bolt group, allowing smoothly stop the frame and bolt guns, reducing the impact of the weapon. As it turned out later, this recoil damping system although it was quite effective, but reduced the number of shots in the absence of cleaning tools and have a bad effect on the durability of the machine. Impossible not to note that the application of high-quality ammunition, a similar system worked like clockwork.
Because quality ammunition worth of funds, it was decided to adapt the very system and process tools. From assembly bullpup naturally no one refused, but a slowdown of the bolt with the support of powder gases gone, however, and the appearance of guns has undergone some changes. Reborn standard was demonstrated in 2008, in general, and demonstrated distinguishable from standard production models.

On the basis of this standard was created 2 versions guns: VHS-D and VHS-K with the barrel 500 mm barrel and 400 mm, respectively. Housing is made of high-impact weapons plastic for easy sighting sighting device rendered high up on the handle to carry guns, which reduced the length of the aiming band, and therefore complicate the shooting at the greatest distances for guns. This disadvantage is offset by the fact that the carrying handle guns allowed additional tie fastening strap type Picatinny and install additional sighting devices. Under the carrying handle is folding handle gate, which remains motionless while shooting and can be bent to the left or to the right. Interestingly enough executed translator fire mode switch and fuse, which is located in front of the trigger. How comfortable is hard to judge, but what with all this, the location of this element is achieved high speed switching far. Bottom guns on the shank, is mounting bracket for grenade launcher.
Croatian VHS machine
Automation Croatian automaton built on the scheme with removal of powder gases from the barrel blocking the bore marks rotating bolt. Eject spent cartridges carried out only on the right side, which causes some inconvenience in a shootout with the left shoulder. Weight gun in a compact version is 2.8 kg., Everyday version weighs 3 kg, respectively .. The total length is 660 mm and 760 mm. Automatic feeds from detachable box magazine capacity of 30 rounds. Rate is 750 rounds per minute.

In 2009, the instrument has successfully passed all tests and was bought for arming the army of Croatia. But, as time has shown, the instrument satisfies the requirements for it, absolutely not far. Immediately it became a prerequisite for the formation of the machine coming soon and the appearance VHS2 and VHS DO2, which were presented not so long ago.

The main feature of the latest relevant species is the increase of guns ergonomics. Thus, the machine became the butt adjustable in length, that to build a bullpup quite infrequent, except that appeared on the butt cheeks for emphasis. Carrying handle guns was changed and became long enough to represent a seat in the form of strips Picatinny type, with all this sighting devices have become removable, and estrangement between them has increased substantially. Translator fire mode switch and the fuse was also altered and represent a turning element disposed on the handle guns with 2-sides. Handle itself also changed its shape, as well as safety bracket. Configuration of these parts are meant to make the instrument more comfortable when using thick warm gloves, but with all this, and so in the warmer months, the machine will not lost their own convenience. But the most important difference from previous models is considered that discarding the spent cartridges can be performed both on the left and on the right side, which significantly increased the convenience of implementation tools.

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