Cruiser for cutting

For some defense companies have a lot of Project for the wealthy and worthless existence at the expense of the military budget.

One of the capital's newspapers broke out last week sonorous sensation — "The old cruiser will turn into a nuclear killers." The publication titled as we were talking about the fact that "the Ministry of Defense decided to return the most massive in the world of nuclear cruisers Project 1144" Orlan ", turning them into versatile ships missile capable of addressing any of the sea objectives: to destroy aircraft carriers, reflecting the air strikes, engaging surface targets strategic cruise missiles. " Post it caused a mild surprise at professionals.

There is very harsh question: why us these cruisers, which are now zarzhavevayut as useless against the wall, and who is going to revive and modernize? What are the enterprises and for what means? The answer is not as obvious as some people think.

To begin with, the created class cruiser "Orlan" in Russian time really to deal with aircraft carriers. Clearly, what — with South American. In the times of the irreconcilable ideological and military confrontation between the worlds with 2, 2 different systems and could not be. Although no one reason or did not occur, as it is possible to fight not with individual aircraft carriers, and with the multi-purpose aircraft carrier groups (AMH), which the United States has 11 pieces with 15-20 warships escort each, with separate missile cruisers. Let "the most massive in the world." Albeit in the order of 2-3 large anti-submarine ships and several destroyers. Four to eleven, and with 40-50 fighters and shturmovikkami on each? Finals of this fight, if he had, God forbid, broke, is obvious — another Tsushima, despite even available on cruisers nuclear weapon.

Ok, that such apocalyptic scenarios are usually confined to the violent fantasies of admirals and their chiefs of the Politburo. Reviving these now no sense. We are the United States, said the leaders of our country — not adversaries, and in some cases even strategic partners. Chase aircraft carriers riding on nuclear cruisers will not. As in ekranoplans. Yes, and it is not lawful for us budget — Washington spends in year its army and navy 700 billion. U.S., we have planned for the coming 10 years, a bit less than that amount to provide its armed forces with modern weapon and military equipment.

Hence the question: who profitably revive an old country unneeded ships? But if you remember the story of the nedavneshnim repair languid nuclear missile cruiser "Peter the Great", that no effort can guess who. In July of the present year, it was reported in the Russian press, was, for example, a criminal case against the director general of JSC "Special production and technical base of the" asterisk "Fedor Barashko. As established by the military prosecutor's office of the Northern Fleet, this emperor has stolen from the budget of 265.4 million rubles. Allocated for the renovation of the flagship. At the same time he did it, of course, is not alone. In the case are available, and other officials. May seem new players. But at the moment we do not know.

The fact is that restoring "eagle" in the ship RF power is now virtually nowhere. Large-docks, in which they can be put, there is at the moment only in Severodvinsk, Arkhangelsk region, "Sevmash", but they are in the coming years are busy building another six strategic nuclear submarines of Project 955 class destination "Northwind" and the same number of multipurpose nuclear submarine class submarines of Project 855 "Ash". There is such docks and at the Baltic Shipyard in St. Petersburg, where Russian years since 1974, in fact, built cruisers and Project 1144 "Kirov", "Frunze", "Kalinin" and "Andropov", later became "Admiral Nakhimov" , "Admiral Ushakov", "Admiral Lazarev" and "Peter the Great", and on the Northern Shipyard in the same town. But first of plants under threat of bankruptcy and closure, and the second is loaded on the state defense order for the coming years frigates of Project 22350, a special vessel communication and project 18280 corvettes projects 23185 and 23180. Must first fulfill the state defense order, and then to think about the "eagles". After all, other harsh industrial areas to work on a nuclear-powered cruiser, unfortunately, no.

There is already mentioned JSC "TDR" asterisk ", but, as you know, it does not have a license to work with nuclear reactors. And it's on the "eagles" is now, as they say, the problem number one.

Of course, you can "push apart" for some time to put in a large dock "Admiral Nakhimov" or "Admiral" Ushakov, "but take it from there later on it will not turn 10 years old, no less. Some brilliant director shipbuilding companies may collect orders, access to cost-efficient financing, and later, roughly, pulling the cat's tail, demanding more and more foreign exchange inflows to the endless complete renovation or new construction. Simply put, sawing client funds. Concrete and personal examples are clear: aircraft carrier cruiser "Admiral Gorshkov", which is 10 years for modernizing India, "the first of our strategic" Boreas "-" Alexander Nevsky "(built 13 years), the first of the" Ash "-" Severodvinsk "(built 18 years) , a diesel submarine of project 677 "St. Petersburg" (built 14 years) …

How many years will pull out of the budget to anyone, apart from individuals, not necessary "eagles", if all the same they will cram into the state defense order, let everyone considers themselves.

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