Crutches and prostheses new world order

One can hardly find a person who does not ever watched movies about James Bond. Surely everyone remembers all sorts of tools that help the agent in his spy missions. So, their inventor, known as Q is the case. Or rather a whole organization — an agency DARPA, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency — DARPA's defense. Funded by this organization so well that may try to implement even the most fantastic project.
If you have not heard about this organization, you do not hear about some of its development is impossible. That DARPA is responsible for a large percentage of the best, such as the Internet, and the worst poison "Orange" technology in the past fifty years. Daily work of specialists agency — the embodiment of the life of the most incredible projects. Moreover, restrictions on their activities are almost there, so they can afford to go far beyond the thinking of other people.

1. Spy planes and other nano-birds

To the plane could fly silently over an area, you can fly very fast and is very high, or come up with something completely new. DAPRA agency is developing in both directions at once.

Already gained fame hypersonic aircraft FALKON. This aircraft has a conical shape and is very similar to how fiction writers depict alien spaceships. And he has the appropriate destination — fly in the vastness of the "near space." The maximum speed of the aircraft at twenty times the speed of sound, and is more than twenty thousand miles per hour. That is, in fact, to get to any part of the world, take photographs or to destroy someone, FALKON-in requires no more than an hour.

We are carrying out the development of miniature devices, which will get noticed wherever you go. Miniature helicopter hovercraft, which looks like a toy model of the helicopter out of the store with the radio. In essence this is a helicopter with remote control and built-in iPhone. Designed a helicopter for reconnaissance and espionage.

If this is not a surprise, consider a new nano-flying machine, which has a much smaller and even more amazing. If you see a tiny bird, flying around the neighbor's bird feeders, think about whether it is a living creature? After DARPA created tiny robotic hummingbird, which over time will look like a real bird. The size of such nano-birds not more than fifteen inches, and weighs no more than thirty grams.

Look at the first entry test of the robot, which fell into the access.

2. And do they not hide

Easy thing for tracking can be spy satellites, but they are not perfect. In order to get pictures of the object have to wait to the satellite reached the area of interest. If the object disappeared in the room, it is the use of the satellite will be. And if the opponent must be supervised at all times and the data must come in real time?

DARPA has to offer for this purpose some of their developments. These include space balloon. Aircraft that avoids pilot called ISIS is designed for high-altitude surveillance and reconnaissance. Floating in the stratosphere balloon makes high-quality images even at night. The military can send a vehicle anywhere in the world, where the balloon will reach in a few hours and will begin to implement its program. While balloons are self-correcting. Using solar energy and hydrogen fuel, they can be in the upper atmosphere, almost an eternity, does not need special hangars and trained personnel to service them. The use of these devices cost-effectively and efficiently.

Another well-known project is called CTS, which stands for Combat Zones That See, that is, all-seeing combat zone. Remember the movie "The Dark Knight" Batman. In order to track down the Joker Batman had to turn all cell phones in Gotham into a combination microphone and high frequency oscillator transmitter. About on this principle the system works CTS, only instead of cell phones, it uses a surveillance camera. In a single system combines all municipal and private cameras. Such a system allows you to track the movement of an object from one chamber to the other, using a specially designed computer program. Of course, the developers say that the CTS will be used only within the combat zone to track the movement of vehicles, but it is highly questionable. Not whether the system will be used for total control over the citizens of their own state …

You can not hide from observation and a stone wall. Project HIBR, Harnessing Infrastructure for Building Reconnaissance, in the transformation of infrastructure for inspection of buildings, specifically designed to track what is going on inside the building. This program is a system of radio and sonar and makes it possible to obtain results of surveillance in real-time. Let us recall once more Dark Knight, something like that was used there.

If you have the paranoid desire to escape from any observation in an underground bunker, relax and not be there. Agency DARPA has developed another project, whose goal is the detection of tunnels and underground bunkers. The sensor system called GATE, Gravity Anomaly for Tunnel Exposureto have gravitational anomalies to detect tunnels, set to board a plane at low altitude is possible to measure subtle changes in gravity on which the system displays information about the underground environment.

3. Shells that are intended to to the finish

Almost all computer shooter is a variety of weapons, producing smart bombs that have plagued the specified target everywhere, wherever it went. In reality, the technology developed by the same agency DARPA, as it is called anti-missile system Javelin. The purpose of the complex is the destruction of armored vehicles, bunkers, and other protected objects, as well as aircraft at low speed at low altitude, such as helicopters.

Real video, not a computer video showing the destruction of the tank with the Javelin system can be seen below. The tank is located at a distance of 65 meters. The first images show the missile launch and the explosion of the tank, after the show the frames before and after the explosion.

Another explosive development — MAHEM, Magneto Hydrodynamic Explosive Munition, ie Magnetohydrodynamic explosive device.

The idea of such a weapon was borrowed in the novel "Earth Light", which was written by Arthur C. Clarke in 1955. Clark describes a device that can send a jet of molten metal into space at speeds of several hundred kilometers per second, using a powerful electromagnet. The developed system also affects the target jet of molten metal ejected powerful electromagnetic field. This shell is easily pierce the defense of any bunkers, buildings or vehicles.

4. Superarmiya

Any crazy idea of Hollywood or the author of science fiction in a war or weapons could be the start of development of DARPA. From the movie "Alien" and play Crysis agency issued the idea of the exoskeleton, which a decade ago began to implement, in conjunction with Sarcos, now called Raytheon. This device is worn on the person, the strength of which increases at times due to the external frame. Exoskeleton completely duplicates the biomechanics of the carrier and proportionally increases the result of his efforts in motion.

Model increases the strength of the exoskeleton XOS2 man of 17, so it becomes possible to lift loads weighing hundreds of pounds a lot of times, the person to whom wearing an exoskeleton little tired. The only problem — weight battery chargers, will be eliminated with the advent of wireless model.

In the video, filmed in September 2010, the Hollywood actor Clark Gregg (Agent Phil Coulson in "Iron Man"), tried on superkostyum XOS2 laboratory Sarcos in Salt Lake City. See the video below.

Exoskeleton — not the only development that improves physical capabilities. Technology Z-Man, based on the ability of some species to crawl on vertical surfaces, can climb the steep wall and the man.

Adhesion to the wall by means of tiny hairs and a special sticky substance. Documents confirm that the project was tested, during which the soldiers climbed the walls to a height of eight feet and dragged along over a hundred pounds of equipment.

5. At the post will not fall asleep any time

Even if the soldiers are armed with the best weapons, surveillance and incredible outfit, they continue to be just people, which tend to get tired and lose concentration. DARPA looking for a way to fix it. Conducted experiments on the brain's response to a variety of chemicals and drugs. Large funds invested in the project of Ultrasound stimulation. It is assumed that the impact on the brain is a device will remove stress from the soldier on the battlefield and increase your concentration, when you need to go without sleep. The invention is based on deep brain stimulation, which is used in the treatment of Parkinson's disease. A device will be placed directly into the soldiers' helmets.

The most sensational invention is Orexin-A — nose drops, use of which will allow people to feel fully rested, even though last night he slept for an hour.

Drug name comes from the name of the brain hormone orexin, which is responsible for concentration and makes people feel rested. Narcolepsy is not enough of this hormone, so they can fall asleep at any moment.

If the drug gets into the access, you can forget about stimulants and a thermos of coffee. In this case, the creators claim that Orexin-A is not addictive. You can imagine that will begin when the product will start selling contraband on the streets — everyone will want to get it.

Electronic systems, designed by this agency, there are no numbers. See at least scale racing DARPA Urban Challenge, with cars on autopilot and without drivers. Perhaps soon they will learn not only the system drive, but also to write good meaningful lyrics that can not be distinguished from written by man. Machines do not require salaries, so who wants to learn how to earn a Rera, a good time, still makes sense. Maybe soon the day and hour when such devices or programs will become as common as the Internet.


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