Cushion — young guns

Society on Thursday evening on the green abloni at the National Library of something happening at first glance surprising unarmed, hundreds of young people and a few very minor children were hot pillow fight. Six hundred anniversary of the Battle of Grunwald were noted down and feathers in the hot July air. On what was left of the victory? It soon became clear that on the side of the police: a few dozen detained young people held the remains of the free time in captivity — in the yard area.

Why is the softest thing in the world is alarming at the rangers right? Fourteen year old Anastasia V. — participant fights pillows — tells the story:

Anastasia: When we went out with a friend from the subway, a policeman with a police officer has held talks with Kim. In the speaker demanded to disperse, because, they say, our actions are illegal.

Monk: Well, as someone walked away?

A. So, a few. Boys and girls had accumulated too much: under a thousand, I think. There were several groups of addressable and conspiratorial views. Backpacks and bags they bristled. I have a friend in the bags and pads. In the crowd I was later told — well we've done that hid the 'weapon'.

C. Why? Is arrested for wearing a pillow? Or maybe they were writing the political content?

A. I do not know … They said that some people have taken out of the metro. Who saw a puff immediately — hap! — And away …

C. Well … This is not surprising. The appearance in public in such a hot day with a warm puff naspazor may be perceived as an insult to the surrounding citizens. What did you do next?

A. Who else was trying to convince the police. Even some uncle, a lawyer called to the rescue. He announced that on some points with all laws and there is no reason to discourage people to fight. A policeman stood in silence. Probably did not know what to say.

W. Finally, you have to remove the sword from its sheath yes plisnuts enemy blood? .. That is down?

A. So. We wandered a bit from the library and went to ablon. And there was a fight. Mutuzit all the others. It was very festive.

W. But what about the Lithuanians against the Teutons? Was the division into two armies?

A. Yes, then something is staged. But we did not have a girl marks. Do not even know on what side of the fighting. Do not have time to understand. Soon it was all over.

W. Triumph Litvinsky weapons and spirit?

A. It's hard to say … On the battlefield, the police began to move the chain. We have announced that they will hold up. Who did not want a lot, gone. My friend and I somehow were not prepared to exploit and therefore went.

C. What happened to the more courageous knight?

A. Taken away. But not all. In the paddy was not enough for the detainees, and so part of the captives tsihachom released.

It is known that in 1410 the Polish-Litvinsky army boasted to the nines powerful Teutonic Order. And was not there a comprehensive friendly daglyadachov order to separate them, ugamavats warrior knight. Sorry. Then they were probably more needed. Yesterday, if not the blood gushed out, and did not beat steel and fluff so vital laughter zvinev — looked very ridiculous police operation for the sake of "peace enforcement." Pillow in hand smiling man seems dangerous — unless it symbolizes the infinite krohkasts existing order? Hardly. Rather, there is a manic fear of any fluctuations in the atmosphere of public indifference. So far, we have thousands of young people from nerazmantachanymi forces and until they are ready to fight playfully and gently. But boredom — the main enemy. And more and more it is identified with the "regime", for a young person can not exist in an eternal mode of "quiet time."

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