Cut and reshape — heart hurts

Take up the pen led "new" starovvedenie in the organizational structure of the Ministry of Defense, specifically the front-line submission associations Air Force Command of the surrounding area. In history, it has already passed the third time and a half shall be removed from it, spending a lot of money.

ARMY AIR to justify itself

First time in 1939 all aviation was distributed to the districts, armies and corps (in 1937 began to create air army) and, in the grim years of the start of the war majestically Russian Air Force management were deprived of the ability to use military aircraft en masse, to focus efforts on areas of suitable and well influence the course and final hostilities.

In the first months of the war air force lost about 250 aircraft a day. Of course, it could not last for long. Air Force Commander A.A.Novikov assured Stalin that the command should be perfectly cooked aviation aviator and in May 1942 was created 17 air armies. As a result, such a wise decision was soon won a tactical and a bit later and strategic dominance in the air, which is largely influenced the course of the war and all the operations of the second period.

This organizational structure of the Air Force has paid off and ran until 1978, while the "hot heads" did not remember that you need the same command to all and sundry and getting unwanted stars on their epaulettes. And again, thanks to the efforts of Commander of the Air Force Air Marshal A.N.Efimova after the report of the Central Committee of the CPSU in 1986, was restored Air Force organizational structure. By the way, our partners have been air army, and stayed. Moreover, the U.S. military regulations is recorded that during the independent aviation operations is strictly forbidden to interfere in the management of land commanders.

Now we are stepping on the same rake. And again, "hot head" nothing new can not come up again and orderly march backwards step in the XX century. With the birth of military aviation, it was a means of providing a ground combat in the main used for reconnaissance and artillery fire correction. Submission to land aircraft commanders were justified. But at the end of the First World War aircraft has already been used as an effective means of destruction by fire.

Over time, improved weapons aviation and methods of implementation. For whole Lofty Russian war period Soviet air force under the control of Commander there were 14 independent air operations to destroy enemy air forces, its reserves and disruption of command and control. It needs to be said, the effectiveness of these operations was sufficiently high.


As for all organizational activities held in the Ministry of Defence, it creates a memory of that first destroyed the continuity even in the titles. Why it was necessary to destroy the title of the regiment, which had existed in the Russian army since the Kulikov field?

For example, the U.S. Army has armored cavalry regiments, in what has long been no stallions, no cavalry. What we really need to move it to the "team contract" which, on the views of our military control, so increment the combat power of the Armed Forces, which is unlikely in a global society, there are analogues.

In addition, army has become highly mobile, and thereby, no one talked to him. Military transport aircraft, which could provide mobility, reduced almost by half. And there is a huge fluctuation in the fact that it is able at once to raise at least one battalion. Maybe our planners intend to deliver troops train and car transport — then what is the highest mobility?

In the Air Force combined air regiments with parts of Communications and Logistics and christened it all air bases, although historically maneuvers aviation produced through changing the base. These maneuvers were called relocation. Try to at the moment, "tear" air base and relocate (in other words a real hard time to choose) to a new area. Is that mobility?

In the United States (referring to America because that managers often do MOD) also has an air base, but what they represent: the airfield, filled all the necessary equipment, parts logistics, communications and security. Aviation is a part of the same air wing, which is not related to an air base, not counting all types of support flying operations.

Who is the commander of the Russian Air Force aircraft delivered in conditions like this: instead of engaging in combat training flight units, he spends much of his time on matters not related to flight training. And now it will be superimposed and uninformed management.

Aviation — very difficult to control. To control it, you need to be trained (for many years), to work out in practice the acquired knowledge, and only then you can count on the conscious control. Folk wisdom says boots should Tochal cobbler and pies bake pieman. In our life is all the opposite: the shoemaker sent to bake pies and muffin Tochal boots.

In 1992, as part of the Army was assigned to Army Aviation, which is designed for air support to troops on the battlefield. 10 years of command led to the fact that he was "knocked out" resource helicopters, and training of pilots (crews) fell down to the smallest level. What makes the management of the Ministry of Defense in order to correct the situation? Transmits army aircraft back to the Air Force. But now again it is transferred into the Army, but already with the front-line aircraft.

Under the pretext of improving the organizational structures of the system breaks down, create more than a dozen years, which covers all aspects of the activity of aviation. This improvement has led to the fact that the Air Force has been reduced a number of services that affect not only the operation, and the safety (engineering and aviation, chart, honey, weather).

In addition, the broken system of training. A couple of years back was abolished is the oldest flight school Kachin, which was created in 1910. Who decided to make a joint training center in Voronezh and cook there aerial shots of all specialties. To the east of the country was transferred to schools (universities) in Voronezh, the ability to deprive young people of the eastern region, decided to connect his life to aviation, learning close to home. Why is it made of, so far not clear. Maybe the Far East and Siberia, we do not consider their own territory?

Analysis of wars and military conflicts near term indicates that at the present time no one has so aggressively is not intended to capture the strategic puzzle territories, and means, these tasks can be performed with the use of air attack weapons — in a word, the Air Force. So for what tethering aircraft to land and divide it by the armies? And given that battle the Air Force of Russia fell at times, it becomes all the more illogical such submission as aviation group in threatened areas should be formed on the basis of the existing situation and find its volume should aviation commander. Another is not given — it is a trivial fact.

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