D.Pyaskov: opposition to Putin and Lukashenko does not exist

According to the spokesman of the Prime Minister of Russia, Dmitry Peskov, any confrontation between Vladimir Putin and Alexander Lukashenko does not exist.

Yesterday Peskov said the Russian government in its relations with Belarus is a major factor in the economy, which corresponds to the interests of Belarus to a greater extent than the interests of Russia. "This movement in two directions — it is not a one-way road, where all the rivers should flow only in Belarus," — said Sands.

He said that Vladimir Putin has consistently advocated the integration of Russian and Belarusian economies. "But if that's consistent position is faced with an inconsistent position, we deplore the existence of certain difficulties," — said the press secretary of the Russian government.

Expressing the view output in the newspaper of the Belarusian government's "Republic" published excerpts from the report by Boris Nemtsov, "Putin said. Results. 10 years," said Dmitry Peskov, that he does not know "how and to whom it under control."

Yesterday, the official organ of the Government of Belarus — the newspaper "Respublika" published article, consisting of fragments of a critical report of the Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov, "Putin said. Results. 10 years." In editorial explanations to the report speaks of "many savagery" that have become the norm in Russian society and the state. "Have you got the loot and the" roof "- you are a man. No — you're nobody. According businessman Sergei Polonsky, who is a prime product of the Putin era:" Those who do not have a billion, can go in there … have. "It looks like this state of affairs is quite acceptable for the current Russian leadership," — said the "Republic."

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