Dark hierarchy

Dark hierarchy or tens Exodus "God" (the ten names "God")




(Shtanail, Shaitan, Satan, Lucifer, Adam, Yove, Jehovah, Yahweh,
Lord God, Seth) — the lord Darklands World Navi (planets
World of Darkness, that is, 10,000 planets that went to the technocratic way
development). Latins call him Lucifer, which means "morning star"
or "carrier
the world. " Lucifer was the prototype of the "light Tsifirot." In Kabbalah, there is a concept Tsifirot
— ten worlds, united in a single system, which manages and Lucifer
(Satanail). Satanail parent was one of the Elohim (Elohim — "Gods" with
Hebrew), who was called "God of the seven heavens" (later to become
called "God Seventh Heaven").


2) Samael

Ialdabaoth, Saklyas, Devil, even called him Seth, as Satanail) —
Prince Air and Angel Court
(Bailiff on the current) in the dark worlds Navi.

3) Lilith — Creation Satanail, the first wife of Adam, later
first wife of Samael. Satanail created Adam and Lilith in the likeness of angels second
Heaven on Earth called Eden (our ancestors called mountainous giants). Eden is located in the
younger and hot galaxy, which our ancestors called Sunshine (ie
baked, created life), which
located on the east of our galactic — Milky Way (Perun Path). Adam
Lilith strongly debated which of them is the boss that "get" and he Satanail
created Eve for the first heaven like an angel, who became the wife of Adam, and
Lilith was given in marriage to Samael. By Samael Lilith bore the Father and Belial. Due to the fact that these children were
very nightmarish and ugly even by their standards, they were called demons. Lilith
seeing their unborn children took it as God's vengeance, gave the word
every day to kill a hundred babies of those people who would refuse
from naming their children the name of, ie in those nations where the girls refuse
called "Lilith", "Lolita" and similar names. (By the way, "Lily" from the lily flower, not Lilith).
In those worlds which extends its influence and power she tried to tend
killing girls.


(From Hebrew Tsebaot or Bafomed, in the Bible, Jehovah, Yahweh, the Lord) — Lelit son, the Prince of Darkness, the top and manages all star Satanail forces. Hosts can be seen in Christian churches
— grandfather with gray hair who rides on the clouds with the words
"The Lord Almighty warrior hosts." But his real
character (pictured above) — an inverted five-pointed star, which
inscribed horned goat face. Samael inscription top, bottom, Lilith, featuring his parents. Masons worship Bafomedu as various Masonic lodges emerged after the ban of the Temple. And the Templars worshiped Bafomedu,
they were also called Templars, with the official name of the Order of the Poor Knights
Solomon's Temple. Templars keepers of the temple of Solomon, could not worship
to someone else.

5) Gagtungr
— The dark prince is captured
Land in different star systems. To capture through his aides,
have no pity, compassion, love, conscience, etc. Therefore they are called
demons. Also helped him assistants who crossed the line of permissibility,
passing from a temple hall (in the constellation of the constellation), breaking all sorts of rules and laws, so they
called devils. Hence the "nechertyhaysya" (do not cross the line of permissibility,
decency). Gagtungr
seized the land in all the worlds and the space and the land to join the Darkness
but he carefully guarded their land in the dark realms of foreign penetration.
For this he was called Shandanakara, ie Lands guardian dark worlds (these worlds more
less accessible Daniel Andreev described in the book "Rose of the World" and
Vasily Golovachev in the book "The Messenger, or the virus of Darkness"). In
the book of John, we see that they use to capture the lies, deception, and
later, and the destruction of the people.

6) Beelzebub

(Beelzebub, Velzebub, Velzevub, Veelzebut, Baal Zebub) — the dark prince of the demons, who also
lord "flies" (muhopodobnyh demons) and can send any and all reptiles attack.
7) Belial (Belial, Belial) — son Lelit, dark prince, who was the supreme
display of treachery and deceit.
8) Daneel — "Judge of God" appointed "by God" (ie,
Satanailom) sent convicts to eternal suffering or for destruction.

— Went dark (angel), the fighter life
Destroyer of all life.
10) Lefiafan — Angel of water, the keeper of dark knowledge, ie
Knowledge of the World of Darkness, and the control predatory creatures living in the water.

  Koschei — Demons bearing death, that is, immortal (in
tales of "Koschei the immortal"). They control the gray. The main task Koshcheev — accumulation
natural elements, carriers and store energy and extend its authority to more
of the Worlds and Lands to further accumulation of natural
elements store energy. This gold and
crystals (diamonds, amber and so on). Because of this ever happened and happen War (ACCA), where darkness
sought to overcome the quantity and quality of light forces. Even Pushkin is
Koshcheev about: "There scrag king over
pines with gold … ", ie fueled by gold that lies and deceit to
occupied land mined gray. Darkness is not enough of this energy (Ingle)
which flows from the center, from the invisible Father (God) called RA-M-HA. Than
Closer to the center, the more Ingle, the more comfortable living conditions.
Grey (Greys) — Slave Koshcheev whisspiritual wicked black-people
from the dark worlds, who goes by the technocratic way of development (imperial
laws, the power of the slave-owners). Gray by nature are hermaphrodites, ie bisexual, and depending on the phases of Moon
they have seen or masculine or feminine. Growth of up to 3 meters, but there is also a dwarf form. Live and on 800-900
years in his homeland, in a neighboring galaxy. Our sun along the spectrum they are not fully fit and that
to survive, they have begun
mimikrirovaniya for genetic experiments and mixing with the local population
our Earth.

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