Dark matter is fueling Sun

Dark matter is fueling Sun

Assembling the optical system of the telescope SUMI, designed to study the magnetic fields on the sun's surface. NASA photo

The gravitational field of our star ensures the supply of fuel in the interior of a star

It is difficult to imagine that just a century ago, scientists have seriously discussed when the solar "furnace" burn out the last "coal". A reflection of this debate was a cold red sun, which saw the hero uellsovskoy "Time Machine." Now our day-star scientists released lifespan before extinction, measured at least five billion years. However, it may happen that in fact it will be much longer.

This is a "cold" dark matter, particles which have an energy up to 50 billion electron-volts. Wandering in the depths of space, like the Flying Dutchman, the particles are caught in the gravitational field of the sun, resulting in a drift to the center of our star, acting on its internal structure.

Portuguese scientists from the Center for Astrophysics at the Technical University of Lisbon, in collaboration with colleagues from Oxford University and the Institute of Astrophysics in Paris, suggested that solar neutrinos are excellent all-pervading "probe", with which you can explore the complex physical processes that occur in the core of the Sun.

It is known that the flux of neutrinos generated in the fusion reactions, like business, is undergoing "fluxions" that is, the ups and downs, detected by neutrino spectroscopy.

Scientists were able to show that the "retraction", involving dark matter particles generates a completely unique neutrino "Flux", composed of neutrinos beryllium and boron, nitrogen, oxygen, and fluorine. The authors of the scientists believe that over time, they by measuring the neutrino flux from the sun did manage to sort out the internal structure of stars.

It is possible that future information on the internal organization of our star will develop prognostic criteria of the activity taking place within it processes. Take the same anomalous heat, which regularly encounter people of different regions of the Earth. Speak out on the subject of the opposite opinion: some scientists believe that the excessive temperature rise due to the increase in solar activity, while others say it falls.

Our planet is known to be covered by over-exposure to the same solar flare powerful magnetosphere. However, for unknown reasons, the magnetic field of the earth from time to time changes the orientation of the poles, as reflected in the magnetization of rocks. Whether it is connected somehow with changes in solar activity, or a stream of particles of dark matter that permeates all space bodies?

Now the answers to these questions yet. But we must remember that the coal in the minds of scientists changed into helium releasing vast amounts of energy hydrogen and replace it may well come to the dark matter. Do not forget that associated with her dark energy today has three times more than "light." So neutrinos can be very useful tools for the study and resolution of all these issues.

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