December 7th Japanese probe will orbit Venus

On board the vehicle, in particular, there are several infrared cameras. Photo

Japanese interplanetary probe Akatsuki will come to its destination — in orbit around Venus — after 7 December, according to the Japanese space agency JAXA.

Experts have planned to include the orbital maneuvering engine to enter the orbit of Venus on December 7 at 08:49 on Tokyo time (01:49 on Kiev). The engine will last 12 minutes, and 21:00 of the same day, after a series of additional exercises, a group of flight control zoda can determine the parameters of its new orbit.

Orbiter Akatsuki, launched into space on May 21 with the Japanese Tanegashima space center in conjunction with the probe Icaros, August 18, he reached the orbit of Venus. For two years, the satellite will study the atmosphere of Venus. In particular, he examines the mysterious phenomenon superrotation — extremely fast rotation of the layer of the atmosphere at an altitude of about 60 kilometers, which is moving ahead of its own rotation of the planet.

In addition, the unit to receive data on the climatic conditions on the planet's surface properties, characteristics of the clouds of Venus, among which is composed of droplets of sulfuric acid.

On board the vehicle, in particular, there are several infrared cameras for various ranges of the instrument to measure ultraviolet radiation device for fixation of different types of lightning and electrostatic glow.

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