Deer Gerda ran out of the zoo in Chelyabinsk and was lost in the woods

Deer Gerda, who escaped from a petting zoo in Chelyabinsk, lost in the woods, zoologists have stopped her search, told RIA Novosti on weekly zoo director Tatyana Podkorytova.

Doe named Gerda ran Wednesday 19 December from a petting zoo park named Tishchenko Chelyabinsk Metallurgical district. Animal-foot jump over the fence and ran away. After leaving the city limits, the animal stuck north. The day deer could run over more than 40 kilometers. To date, under assumptions of zoologists, she reached the Sverdlovsk region.

"We" were "her to Krasnoarmeiskii, two days found riot gear to catch our pitomitsy. However, near the village Dubrovka trace runaway lost" — said the director of the zoo.

According to her, left alone at the zoo was a male Kai miss girlfriend several times refused to eat. To protect the animal, it was decided to urgently to find a replacement of his freedom-loving female. Farmers from the north, on learning of trouble Kai gave the zoo a new deer.

"We pay only shipping costs. Indeed, the cost of an adult up to 100 thousand rubles," — said Podkorytova.

According to her, the new Gerda came from the Yamal Peninsula, she escaped countrywoman namesake. Animal has a birth defect: she lives without one eye, so very attached to people. Faced with new doe, Kai took it and stopped voluntary "hunger strike." Who lives and health of couples of artiodactyls is not threatened.

As director of the zoo, the new Gerda, despite the relatively quiet nature will always carry GPS-sensor. Second such escape the zoo staff contact rule: taking steps to strengthen the paddock, strengthening protection systems.

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