Deja vu: the mysterious phenomenon

Sometimes you catch yourself on what was already in place, walking down the street … Or do you have lived these events in a past life or a parallel reality?

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Deja vu (already visible) — the human condition, in which he feels that he was once in a similar situation, but this is not it binds to a specific point in the past. This condition is necessarily going through nearly every person — rarely or more often …

Deja vu occurs suddenly and in everyday situations — it is impossible to plan … In this case there is a "bunch of feelings and emotions" — surprise, anxiety, feeling strange and supernatural …

But if a person knows that he was not here before, did not know and did not speak with the person, then such a state seems strange and a little scary. And maybe this is the contact with a different reality?

For example, parapsychologists give explanation of the effect of deja vu with the theory of reincarnation — countless lives. In this case, some experienced moments come to mind, causing the effect of what he had seen earlier. Psychologists explain déjà vu means of self-defense — find familiar things in an unfamiliar situation, thus avoiding a possible stress.

Physics, in turn, interpreted by the term déjà vu continuum — "continuous" — present past and future exist simultaneously. But if there is a failure — "the human brain does not read the information." I like to think that the phenomenon of deja vu ever be revealed by scientists and cease to be surrounded by an aura of mystery. Of the large number of theories — will be the one that finally reveal the mystery of this phenomenon, exciting minds for a long time.

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