Do you have the other side of the universe?

March 18, 2012 10:29

People have been thinking about the possibility of the existence of parallel worlds. It is said in many legends and myths, books and science fiction films. Another Italian philosopher Giordano Bruno was talking about other inhabited worlds. His ideas are so contrary to accepted at the time the picture of the world that even the thinker was a victim of the Holy Inquisition. Gone are the days when science dreaded words "parallel worlds". Today, scientists have not burned, but even now the argument on the fact that our reality is not only possible, often cause mistrust and sometimes ridicule. If parallel universes actually exist, then what can they be?

The parallel world is a kind of reality that exists simultaneously with our time, but at the same time independently. Events in a parallel world can radically differ from the events in our world, but they can be very similar. The size of this world can be huge or small, like a small town. Despite the fact that the existence of other realities is not proven, scientists are seriously considering this option. Evidence of the existence of these realities is the main clue to the problem of time.

The first indirect mention of parallel worlds can be seen in the works of Greek and Roman philosophers of ancient times. With the development of mankind is constantly accumulating scientific information, the list of events that could not find an explanation in terms of science, to create a more accurate picture of the world around us — practitioners and theorists have come close to solving the nature of parallel worlds.

Now, a lot of experts ready to unconditionally accept the theory of the existence of other worlds. Far from one parallel universe exists simultaneously in the universe. People even have the opportunity to communicate in a certain way and to contact some of them, and this is the main thesis of this theory. The most basic example of the output in such a world is a dream. The reality of the events that occur during sleep, causes a person to think that everything is real. Of sleep the human mind receives the data transfer speed which is much greater than the transmission speed in the real world — a man just a few hours of sleep can be seen very much. In everyday life, it would have taken this week. In a dream, one sees not only the usual picture of the world, but also incomparable, surprisingly, quite unthinkable, and it would seem, in material reality does not exist. Where did they come from?

Huge universe formed from incredibly small atoms. Atoms, having a rather large energy density, indistinguishable to the eye and appear in the form of matter, just blending into the molecule. Everything in the world is built out of this matter. The reality of the existence of atoms, no one out of the question, despite the fact that they can not see. This is due to the fact that man is made up of clusters of atoms. Atoms are constantly produce oscillatory motion, which differ in the direction of travel in space, frequency and speed. Familiar world exists because of the presence of these differences in the vibrations of the atoms. But what happens if the atoms of our body will oscillate at the same rate as moving dreams in sleep the mind? In that case, the other person could not have visually observe — the senses, including the human eye will not be able to capture objects such speeds. And if the atoms of the other person will move at the same frequency with us, he will, as usual to see us, not knowing anything. So if near us and there would be a parallel world in which the atoms vibrate with speed, many times greater than ours, then we have failed to notice his presence. Our senses, as in fact, the speed of thought can not fix it. But the subconscious mind copes with this task. Therefore, in some people and there are different experiences and strange feelings. Very often, people have the feeling that they had met with a particular person, or have already heard a phrase. In such situations, all the attempts to understand and remember is futile, because it happened at some point crossing of parallel worlds. Then there is a contact of several worlds, and there are mysterious incidents that have no reasonable explanation.

Question of the existence of parallel worlds is a lot of debate. However, the great Einstein was convinced that there is another world around us — the world is a mirror of our world. There is a view that the secret of being an alternative related to the so-called "fifth dimension." In addition to the three spatial dimensions and the "fourth dimension" supposedly there is one. If people discover it, they will have the opportunity to travel between parallel worlds. According to the scientist Vladimir Arshinova in multidimensional space of possible things that seem unbelievable. He believes that other worlds could be very different versions of a huge set. For example, according to one version, a parallel world can be a looking glass, as in a fairy tale "Alice in Wonderland." This means that the fact that our world is true, it would be a lie. This is the easiest option.
Professor physicist Christopher Monroe has long been considering the existence of parallel worlds. He experimentally demonstrated the possibility of the simultaneous existence of two realities at the atomic level. The laws of physics do not deny the assumption that other worlds can be linked together Tunnel quantum transitions. Ie theory of one of the world can go to another, without violating the law of conservation of energy. But this would require an amount of energy that can not be typed in the galaxy. However, there is another option — a version of that in the so-called black holes are hidden passages to other worlds. They may be the "funnel" that sucks matter. According to cosmologists, black holes may actually be "wormholes", ie roads from one world to another and back. Scientist Vladimir Surdin believes that nature would occur spatio-temporal structure in the form of wormholes that connect one world to another. Mathematics in principle allow their existence. Professor Dmitry Galtsov also does not deny the possibility of such "normal." But they were not yet seen, they still have to find.

This hypothesis would confirm the disclosure of secrets the formation of new stars. Astronomers have long puzzled over the nature of the origin of some celestial bodies. This looks like the formation of matter from nothing. Vladimir Arshinov suggests that such effects may be due to spill-over from the parallel worlds of matter in the Universe. Then we can assume that any body can move to a different world. But it does not converge with the Big Bang theory, which describes the creation of the universe. While science can not prove something else, this hypothesis will be accepted.

Parapsychologist from Australia Jean Grimbriar concluded that in the world among the many anomalous zones exist forty tunnels that lead to other worlds, of which seven are in America, and four in Australia. Each year, they disappear without a trace hundreds of people. One of the most famous places is the limestone caves in the national park of California, where you can enter and exit impossible. From missing even no trace. These places are in Russia. For example, there is a mysterious near Gelendzhik mine, which exists since the XVIII century.

The theory of parallel universes is still only a model. Beautiful way to explain a lot of mysterious things. Science is not able to test it in practice. But if we assume that other worlds do exist, like our world, then it may clarify things, hitherto unexplained and do not fit into the framework of modern science. Over the last century has been written so many books about the mysterious disappearances. The mysterious Bermuda Triangle, many castles and caves, mystical mountain Glastonbury. A lot of people just disappear from the streets. Each year our planet lost millions. Remains unsolved disappearance thirty percent. Where, then, happens to people? Scientists do not exclude the possibility that many of these people are from other dimensions, in a mysterious parallel worlds.

Earth remains virtually unexplored. Scientists discover something new every day, so why not believe in the existence of other worlds? Scientists can not yet prove this theory, but deny it no one can.

Some scientists maintain that parallel worlds exist. Does this mean that each of us can live in multiple realities at the same time? ..

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