Dolphins are people too

March 11, 2012 12:02

Dolphins give people the rights offering to U.S. researchers. They believe that these mammals have sufficient reason to treat them as his own kind.

© / Cayusa / cc-by-nc

© / Cayusa / cc-by-nc

Environmentalists urged to adopt a "Declaration of the rights of whales," the provisions of which will comply with international and national law. Many of these amazing creatures in the Red Book, to destroy them is prohibited. However, even the contents of dolphins in captivity is unethical and unacceptable, consider zoozaschitniki.

 Tables unusual decision was taken in Vancouver, Canada at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. In the "Declaration of the Rights of cetaceans" the right of each cetacean to life and the "human" treatment: "They can not be kept in captivity and exploited, abused, deprived of the natural environment, are the property of any State, corporation, group people or an individual. "

According to a number of foreign experts, in their complexity brains of dolphins and whales compared to human. And because whales are self-aware, close to Homo sapiens. Ethics professor Tom White from Los Angeles, believes that "the deliberate killing of the individual ethically similar deliberate killing of a human being."

Anthropomorphize dolphins still not worth it, believe head of the laboratory of the Institute of Marine Mammal Oceanology Vsevolod Belkovich:

"Dolphins — highly organized creatures. They have emotions, a wonderful memory, communication system, communication. But relatively self I can not say anything. All animals have remarkable abilities, none of them are fools, they all have emotions, but, of course, in their own way. These feelings and the ability to adapt to the conditions, where there is an animal. "
Advocates for dolphins insist that these creatures in captivity suffer. In their natural habitat — sea, salt water provides a constant reorganization of their skin. In this role dolphin chlorine. But the chlorine in dolphins skin diseases occur, in fact — they are blinded. And normally move in a confined space that large mammals are not comfortable.
In the wild dolphins in one day overcome the 160 km and dive to a depth of 200 meters. None dolphin can not provide them the opportunity. If you catch any animal, including a dolphin, and place it in captivity, then it must have a good reason, said Vsevolod Belkovich:

"What is the reason? Millions of people will never see this animal, unless it is shown to them. Will not all down to the sea and watch the dolphins! So the only way — is a dolphinarium. Why this is important, because love can not be abstract. We must see this dolphin, pat, to understand not only speculative, but specifically that this wonderful creation of nature. But keep dolphins can only be met if the most elementary conditions on the volume of water and its quality. "
According to the Russian scientist, in the United States since 1972, is a law that recognizes the marine mammals wonderful creatures of nature, which can not be killed, catching, selling, etc. Therefore, it is not clear why an additional "Declaration of the Rights of cetaceans."
However, if within this document will be adopted the program in-depth study of these animals, its appearance is welcome. "If you compare what we know about dolphins 10 years ago today, the progress is very small. These animals are still a mystery to us.

Victoria Smirnova

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