Doubles — the aliens from the subconscious

March 29, 2012 19:51

Energy twins — a very strange phenomenon. Researchers have accumulated a lot of evidence about the meetings with people in a certain place at a certain time, just could not be — one hundred percent probability. And these people were not just similar to its original appearance — were identical to their voice, manners, habits, all knowledge and consumer information. So where did they come from, these twins? And that allows them to be born?

Ghost in the role of Santa Claus

Most experts believe that a double — man-made copy of its own energy, to the same incredibly detailed, down to the details of clothing. Often — unconsciously created (in an altered state of mind), and sometimes quite consciously.
This generally happens in moments of emotional upheaval, such as the anticipation of death. No wonder many people there is a belief that twins are as harbingers of death.

 Recent of these cases, the most interesting occurred in 2003 in Bloomington (Illinois, USA). At the Children's Christmas matinee man brought the audience dressed as Santa Claus. Many people have learned in this role, Mr. T. Vihanta. At other times, no one would be surprised, because Vihant considered a humorist and lover of all sorts of ideas, but now many are aware that he is paralyzed, and his days are numbered. A man dressed as Santa Claus jokes and fun to talk to children, and at one point left the room. The old man hurried some surprise parents, wanting to inquire about his health. But Santa Claus disappeared, it was strange to get out of the building unnoticed then nobody could. Telephoned his wife Vihanta and found shocking thing: all this time he did not leave his bed, but he died a quarter of an hour ago. That is, apparently, the old man died at the very moment when his double left matinee.
Subsequently, this occasion found the explanation: before death Vihant thought of his grandchildren, who were present at the festival. Apparently, these thoughts and led to the appearance of a twin. But during a matinee in the head and nobody thought that Santa Claus — is double Mr. Vihonta.

Save yourself!

In 1989, in France, in the suburbs of Toulouse, to meet a passing ambulance rushed to the young man. The driver braked, but too late: by all accounts, the young man was run over by a wheel. The driver and a doctor out of the car and were amazed when a stranger, no victim, walked towards them.
Doctor suggested to examine him, but he flatly refused and begged them to go to the village, located a few miles from town. There's a patient in need of emergency care.
The guy got in the car and began to show the way, which was very useful, because a farm, where they took the time, was in the side of the highway. When the car pulled into the gates of the farm, a volunteer escort got out of the cab, saying that warn of the arrival of relatives. Towards the ambulance was already hurrying people, surprised such a rapid arrival of physicians: a heart attack patient began just a minute ago.
But when the doctors led to the patient, the time has come already very surprised doctor. In the same bed lay a young man who sent them here! The doctor thought it was the twin brother of fellow traveler.
But if the attack began just a moment ago, how it could have predicted who else? Having made the necessary medical manipulation and making sure that the crisis was over, the doctor told the patient to move the car — I had to take him to the hospital.
The doctor asked the others, where is the brother of the patient. But no one knew what kind of brother in question. The patient has no brothers said to him, especially the twins. The young man all day at home, because feeling bad, and at least an hour before the arrival of the doctor was in bed.

"Hanover Vampire" appears again

"Vampire of Hanover" under police escort. Maniac inexplicably managed to abscond

The feeling of imminent death — one of the most powerful incentives for the creation of unconscious counterpart.
This applies not only to the seriously ill or dying, but also to criminals awaiting execution.
In 1922 in London the following incident occurred. Holt entered the apartment of a robber, a man Steven Robbins, and killed the entire family with the exception of 48-year-old Mrs. Holt, hidden in the pile of dirty clothes.
Offender is caught the next day and sent to prison. And this offender reappeared in the same dwelling. Woken in the night Mrs. Holt saw clearly, as he sneaks down the hall. Robbins was dressed exactly the same as in the night of the murder. He was holding a knife. Beside himself with fear, she hid behind the curtains.
Offender several times silently walked past her without noticing. Mrs. Holt saw it clearly when light reflected from the window. In addition to her killer, "spotted" and relatives who slept in another room. It was they who called the police.
The next morning the woman reported that Robbins the night did not leave his chamber. Perhaps Mrs. Holt oboznalsya, and climbed into the apartment by someone else?
But it remains unclear how a stranger could get there: locks on the doors are intact, windows — closed.
In early 1925, the German newspaper wrote about the appearance of a double Fritz Haarmann, waiting for death. This maniac, known as the "Vampire of Hanover", lured prostitutes to his home, killed them, and then dismembered the body and sold to a nearby restaurant disguised as "fresh meat on the bone." Haarmann was arrested and tried, but then saw it twice in this place. The first time he appeared in the hall, as if nothing had happened sat at a table and talking
with visitors. Learn killer attendants tried to stop him, but he somehow managed to escape. In another night offender walked between the plates in the kitchen of that restaurant, looking into the pan, inspecting supplies edibles, and then he disappeared to nowhere.
Police found in the institution hour post, but did not appear double. Haarmann was guillotined in April 1925.

During his life and after his death

It is believed that the nature of the twins is the same as that of ghosts. However, there are differences. Double — almost indistinguishable from their original — you can see one or two times, and then only when a person's life — his voluntary or involuntary creator. Specter is — always a posthumous image having most ghostly, blurred outlines, and it appears, at least for a short time, but for tens and even hundreds of years.
Double, as has been said, is created by man in times of mental crisis or shortly before death. Ghost arises at the moment of death or immediately after it. Then it starts to own twilight existence.
Twin can detect even hundreds of kilometers away from the place where his original. Ghosts always live on a very specific, relatively small area, where their creator once lived or accepted death.
Doubles not only look sharper — they are much more active, energetic ghosts: enter into conversations with people, exchange information, go, go, make some action.
Behavior of the first, in contrast to the behavior of the second, does not look strange.
People rarely see their own doubles. It usually ends up fainting or even death.
Certificate of such meetings are stored in history. His double, for example, saw the famous English poet Percy Bysshe Shelley shortly before drowning in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Before his death, the twins saw the Empress Anna Ivanovna and Catherine II.
No less curious and instances of deliberate creation of twins, which had witnessed a lot of people. But science is not yet able to explain this phenomenon.

Igor Voloznev

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