DRDO is developing ultralight UAV

DRDO is developing ultralight UAV

Indian defense research organization and development DRDO is developing ultra-light unmanned aircraft that can be used for intelligence purposes for the benefit of small units, reports Zeenews.com March 24.

«Apparatus Micro Air Vehicle (MAV) has a wingspan of 300 mm and a weight of 300 grams, resettled daily television camera, a cruising speed of 20 knots (37 km / h), the operating altitude of 30-100 meters,» according to a yearly report to the Ministry of Defence of India.

UAV MAV can be used to provide «near situational awareness of troops within 2-km», it is expected that these devices will be useful in the fight against terrorism and punitive operations.

Earlier DRDO developed type UAVs Netra weight 1.5 kg. The device was developed at the Center for aviation research and development in Pune ARDE (Aerial Research and Development Establishment).

DRDO is also developing a UAV with a large sea state and the duration of the flight to the deepest penetration into enemy air space. One of such devices — Rustom — is a medium-altitude UAV long duration flight, which is being developed for the 3 branches of the armed forces. It also creates a UAV Nishant for intelligence gathering over enemy territory, targeting and adjusting artillery fire caused damage assessment.

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