Dreams are optional, electric snoring and other nocturnal Technology

Dreams are optional, electric snoring and other nocturnal Technology

It would seem that all funds for the "healthy sleep" already invented: sleeping pills, plugs in his ears, a soft bed, deaf and blind shumonepronitsaemye windows. And, in an extreme case — an operation to get rid of snoring. But in the human sleep has intervened high technology. The fact that it's time to go to bed, according to a special program for handheld computers. Eliminate snoring bed and a small electronic "stun" bracelet. And you can see the coveted dreams with the help of special glasses or a new Japanese "koshmarovygonyatelya." If, however, the night will have to go to the bathroom, then a special light will do it without waking up.

The owner, it's time to sleep!

When to sleep and eat, work or drive a car, unable to communicate to the owner a special program MiniCog, designed for Palm-compatible computers by Bay Area Software. As explained by the main developer Kosslin Stephen (Stephen Kosslyn), the program does its conclusion on the basis of tests for attention, memory, reaction, verbal and spatial thinking. The creators of the program argue that it provides adequate advice and is very easy to use. They complain only of the fact that the Pocket PC can not be connected to the electroencephalograph to get more objective data.

However, according to experts, it's not a good analysis, but in the ability of the brain to adapt to external stimuli: when the brain receives a "tip" of the program to go to work, it is easy to agree on employment, although it is not averse to a good sleep.

Electronics anti-snoring

Not so long ago, Swedish scientists from the University of Gothenburg (Göteborg University) developed a special bed, which does not allow a person lying on her snoring. Electronic device is equipped with special sensors that not only "hear" snoring, but also to determine the heart rate and respiratory rate.

The principle of operation of the new device is quite simple: as soon as one zahrapit, head of the bed slowly rises, snoring disappears and the bed takes the "original position." To release the bed started a Swedish company Hilding Anders AB.

Illustration from the site Gamershell.comAnother gadget is protivohrapovym SnoreStopper («Hrapostoper"), a U.S. company Hivox Product Inc. The apparatus is $ 99.99 and works on the principle of electric shock.

As the Swedish bed, instrument recognizes the sound of snoring, but it responds to a weak current pulse. The researchers said that in the dream of human skin more sensitive to electricity. But all the same voltage used safely.

The first pulse lasts for five seconds. If the noise does not stop, the next dose of "shock" will be four times larger. The device tested on myself journalist Ian Johnson (Ian Johnson) from the Globe and Mail, which believes it is really effective. However, the device may respond to the voice. One journalist became interested in conversation with his wife, for which he received a small electric shock.

Of course, neither bed nor stun bracelet does not guarantee a cure for snoring, as surgery. But, on the other hand, is a less radical way to stop bother my roommates or bed. And for health snoring is not very useful.

What do you dream about, the cruiser "Aurora"?

Two more companies offer quite different in principle, but similar in purpose "modifiers of dreams."

California Illustration from the site Lucid.com"The Institute of clear dreams (Lucidity institute)" produces a device called NovaDreamer. Before we describe the action of the device itself, we should talk about what a "lucid dreams (lucid dreaming)".

The peculiarity of these dreams is that the person is aware of himself asleep. And he sees as a "dream within a dream." This dream becomes a "manageable": sleep becomes the master of the fictional world and can lead it on your own. You can fly, transform into anyone, talk to those who are not available in reality. It is believed that in the state of sleep lyusidnogo intention was to Salvador Dali, who later portrayed what he saw on his canvases.

So, the American NovaDreamer worth $ 195 and, according to developers, helping lyusidnogo enter into a state of sleep. The instrument also includes book and CD, to help master the technique of dreams.

As you can see in the photo, NovaDreamer like glasses. In the apparatus built special sensors that detect rapid eye movements — an indication that a person dreams. At this time, the device begins to give sound and light signals. Sleeping perceives it as a phone ringing in a dream, or a picture in front of his eyes is a brighter, then darker. According to the developers, this is enough to realize that sleep, but wake up.

Another "modifier of Dreams" is the Japanese "koshmarovygonyatel" entitled "Making Dreams» (Dream Workshop, in Japanese sounds like Yumemi Kobo). This is a fairly massive — meter tall — device, wherein the frame image is, flavoring air speakers and several lamps timer.

Yumemi Kobo should include a few minutes before bedtime. By putting in a frame image of the place in which you want to find yourself in a dream, can only enjoy a special music with light accompaniment and … go to sleep. The device will turn off the timer so as not to wake his owner.

Illustration from the site Arkon.com

Closer to reality: the toilet fixture

It turns out that the coveted dream You can not interrupt, even if you want to go to the bathroom. For this California company created Arkon Resources special Light LavNav, which can satisfy the needs of nature, almost without waking up. The device detects the steps and lit the dim light: green if toilet seat is lowered and red if elevated.

According to the manufacturer, because the do not have the overhead light, you can quickly and easily fall asleep when he returned to bed.

If you want to buy

All of the above devices — a reality. They exist, and in most cases you only need a credit card to order them. So, good night!

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