Dynko: Film Kozulin pushing for a return to politics

How will the Russian NTV broadcast two films with sharp criticism of Lukashenko to the Belarusian political and economic elite?

Who are the more they are designed — by the Belarusian or Russian audience? Can we expect further action from Moscow?

These and other topics in Prague to discuss the focus of Minsk — the editor in chief of the newspaper "Nasha Niva"Andrew Dynko from Moscow — columnist" Komersant "Pavel Sheremet. Program is hosted by Sergey Navumchyk.

Listen to transfer to air on Sunday, 18, Minsk time. And now — a fragment.

Dynko: "This film, I think, very personally "pushes" Alexander Kozulin kandydavannya to the election, to return to politics. And if Kozulin under the influence of the signal so decides, it will be crucial for the next Presidential campaign. It seems to me, that, in general, taking these two films, they are strongly encouraged opposition political forces. After all, they saw a new field for deyannya.Yany have new hope. It may be one of the most important results of these two shows. "

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