Earthquake of magnitude 5.0 occurred on the Japanese island of Hokkaido

 Earthquake of magnitude 5.0 occurred on Wednesday morning in the southern part of the second largest island of Japan — Hokkaido.

As the website of the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), the tremors have been recorded in 10.33 local time (05.33 MSK), its epicenter was located 61 kilometers south-west of the city of Obihiro. The earthquake lies at a depth of 53 kilometers.

Information on casualties or damage were reported.

In March 2011, after a powerful earthquake in northeastern Japan, there was an accident at the plant "Fukushima-1". Following the tremors of magnitude 9.0 on the shore came the 14-meter high tsunami which flooded four of the six nuclear power units, and knocked out reactor cooling system, which led to a series of hydrogen explosions and meltdown, resulting in the atmosphere and the ocean were radioactive substances.

From the area within 20 kilometers of the plant were evacuated 140,000 people. Most of them are still living in temporary housing. A number of areas of high levels of contamination are expected to be declared uninhabitable. Complete elimination of the accident, including the dismantling of the reactors, will take about 40 years.

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