Ekstrasency special

For many years, many countries have used special services estrasensov during various sensitive and important operations. And the pioneers in this area was the United States.
It all started in 1957, with a report prepared by the corporation "Rand Corporation" for President Eisenhower. It pointed out that with the advent of new tools to detect submarines, submarines have to act in the ocean at great depths. This prevents them to maintain a stable relationship with the radio command posts Navy. To remedy the situation, "Rand Corporation," is expected to start research to create new channels of communication, including the telepathic.

However, scientific advisers strongly opposed such a non-traditional approach. But a year later in the newspaper "Herald Tribune" published an interesting article. It said that the Pentagon would proceed without delay to research to find out how the energy generated by the human brain, is transmitted through the thousands of kilometers of each brain. Mastering the psychic phenomenon, the existence of which almost proved, can provide new means of communication between the submarine and face, and even — even in the distant future — between the ground control center and the crews of orbiting space stations. On the impact on the psyche of the article of the famous scientist Raymond Chizzla not said a word, even though it's been a dream of security services, who organized the publication.

Articles and reports of a number of prominent scientists, to support the publication, made an impression. Report, "Rand Corporation" was pulled into the light. After his further study, the President ordered the corporation to create a special laboratory for research in the field of energy metabolism. And NASA, thanks to a successful telepathic experiments on the spacecraft due to the Earth, even managed to create in 1973, the Institute of Noetic problems with a staff of 1,300 employees for the study of paranormal psychic phenomena. In an effort to keep up with the NASA space experiments, the Central Intelligence Agency in 1973, conducted experiments on astral projection, or, as it is called, out of the body. The main persons involved were known sensitives Ingo Swann and Pat Price. Journalists were sparingly reported that "the results have been encouraging."
More success achieved laboratory Stendforskogo bioelectronics and bioengineering research institutes, which in 1974-1975. conducted several experimental sessions dalnovideniya. During one of them known parapsychologists Harold Puthof and Russell Targ In the role of inductors, traveled to Eastern Europe. They tried to mentally transmit seen their landscapes and objects of the percipient, who were in northern Wisconsin (USA). And they draw the outline of the Gothic cathedral, the high mountains, and described rides on Lake Balaton, but had no idea of the existence of these objects!
Experiments were carried on. Daily for 5 days, 15 hours, local time, and traded Puthof examined the various objects in the next town. Their impressions of them mentally inductors sent sensitives, which caused him sketched images. When compared to the return of drawings with photographs of objects, inductors made in the field, the results were terrific!
Having studied the secret reports on the experiments, the CIA concluded that such a "mental telegraphy" may find important applications in intelligence. For example, in cases where the agent need only tell what city it is agreed in advance which of the landmarks will be the content of his message. To do this, scientists need only determine whether the percipient receive information not only powerful psychics, but also ordinary people. This — in the future. In the meantime, should be possible to classify parapsychological studies, which show great interest in Russian.
Still, to keep them secret failed. In the leaked rumors that U.S. intelligence agencies have achieved remarkable success, using the services of clairvoyants and mediums. In particular, since 1977, research was conducted in the framework of the "Stargate", and after they gave important practical results, in 1979 the CIA funded intelligence operations involving psy-operators.
Then appeared in the newspapers sensational reports of "spy-phantoms" who allegedly created the CIA. They, in particular, says that sensitives Swann and Price projected his consciousness over long distances, with a high degree of accuracy in describing the secret designs of weapons and equipment, and even … the content of the secret documents! And they mentally penetrated the closely guarded secret bases — both Russian and American.
"During the next experiment, — wrote the" Herald Tribune "- Price for 58 seconds, a detailed description of the newest radar device, just delivered in a Soviet air defense center in the Urals. In addition, it is known that Price and Swann spied in China and the CIA acknowledged the accuracy of information reported to them. "
After these publications Congressman Charles Rose, head of the Special Commission on Intelligence, categorically stated that the very real possibility psychotronic war (unique material "Secrets of a psychotronic weapons" is preparing for publication editors — Ed.), Effective on the enemy soldiers by "brainstorming" and urged the White House to appropriate to the relevant studies about 12-13 million dollars, instead of 6, the Pentagon budgeted for these purposes. Substantiating his claims, Rose led psy-operators. In one case, they allegedly pinpointed the location of the base of a new unit of the Soviet secret submarine, which could not detect even the most sophisticated spy satellites! In another case sensitives is correctly identify the coordinates of 20 (!) Tunnels the North Koreans dug near the demilitarized zone.
Broke out in the Senate debate shed light on things that the Pentagon and the CIA is not going to be made public. For example, the military used a psychic to evaluate the system-based experimental rockets "MX." This system provided (the strictest state secret!) The movement of each missile among many mines. It was believed by the enemy will not know which of 6-7 mines clumping. But during the experiments sensitives guessed position missiles in a certain period of time and were given very specific results based on the inevitable biases. Invulnerability missiles was in doubt, and it made the Pentagon to abandon a system based, though she had spent huge amounts of money.
"Winter Harvest"
U.S. intelligence agencies admit that they use psychics during covert operations. And here's what they do, how effective is their help, is held in strict confidence. But one of these superoperatsy code-named "Ice Harvest" did become public. In 1985, terrorists of the "Red Brigades" was kidnapped by U.S. General James J. Douzer. Under the personal direction of the U.S. President, the operation to rescue the general was given command of Intelligence and Security (ISC), led by Major General Albert Stabblbaynom. Among subordinates, he became known passion for all the paranormal, from esoteric and ending wonders of modern radielektroniki, so nicknamed Wizard.
First thing to do was to find out which contains Douzer. Then Stabblbayn main hope pinned on psychics. And for this the sorcerer had good reason. By the time the U.S. studies psychic human capabilities are already finding practical applications. General enough to make a few phone calls, to the day he received the most gifted psychics. Sorcerer left five most sagacious, who were to participate in Operation "Winter crop."
At first seers could not. They spent hours over atlases, maps and albums, but could not "see" Douzera. Then the sorcerer parapsychologists gathered experts for consultation. Until now, in order to avoid psychological incompatibility and negative influence on each other sensitives worked separately. What if they combine? Maybe increase their overall ability to mentally search? One "see" one another — another fifth — fifth, and as a result get important intelligence picture or a series of them, fragments of conversations, etc.
Experts were amazed: the first is the collective sessions yielded good results. When Californian Henry McNeal went to "sheep barn" with the prisoner, the other Sensitive, Mariah Rolls "saw" near a small house. The next time the third clairvoyant Marine captain Dick Richards, also "got" there, and added that the area enclosed by rock-wire fence. The same day, the fourth, Jonathan Ford spotted near the intersection of highways and byways with mountains in the background.
In their narration was present at the sessions, the artist painted the whole color picture of the place. It was faxed by the Italian secret services, who organized the search and found a grand house, very similar to the image below. But the kidnapping of General was not there, although the estate was shed, and McNeil, who showed his photo, admitted that barn is no different from what you see them mentally during sessions.
Stabblbayn insisted on continuing to work with clairvoyants, for he was convinced that they just found the place of Douzera. Just the final stage of the operation took too much time, the Italians something scared the kidnappers. To prevent this from happening in the future, along with five sensitives "ghost" of the rapid response team was transferred from the U.S. to Italy.
Just a day seers "saw" that Douzera kept in an apartment in a residential building on the outskirts of the city of Padua. Total for the day the Italian secret service had found this house, although guidelines have been very poor: red tile roof and a brick facade. This time, to play safe, psychics turn was driven by the object. They all firmly stated that the prisoner is there. However, no one was able to describe a room in which there was a high-ranking prisoner. The three, who "saw" it, and then briefly, claimed that he had changed a lot, haggard and old. More they had nothing to add.
Now the task of parapsychological into a purely operational: how to calculate the flat where Douzera hold, and release it so that the jailers did not have time to shoot the general, if you suddenly feel the danger. And the solution was found. The house was equipped with electric stoves, which means that if a certain apartment living outsiders can be set on the counter, where a sudden increase in power consumption. And this apartment was found.
On the night of January 28, just before dawn, the ten men in black suits, one by one slipped into the unlit staircase. On the landing of the second floor, they carefully examined the apartment door with a portable flaw detector. Fortunately, no special locks or alarms on it was not there. In the course went cans with special mixture which were abundantly watered locks and door hinges. After a quick manipulation picks operatives quietly entered the apartment and froze in the doorway. Good luck and here accompanied them, none of which was not locked. General Douzera woke blinding ray of light …

Alexander Yevteyev

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