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Modern man is simply not do without means of home electronics and home appliances. We use it a functional home and at work. We are working on the computer, use the Navigator to find a particular street in a strange town while traveling, squeeze the juice and whisk cream in a food processor, staying in touch with relatives in using mobiles. All this technology offers to purchase web shop "Foxtrot» www.foxtrot.com.ua.

It seems that the human idea has stepped so far that in the foreseeable future will come up with something very difficult. But the author's ideas manifest themselves almost every day, like every day in the lives of ordinary people come more and more electrical assistants.

Spices in the field of electronics and digital technology in the United States was first presented to the public electric paper. In fact, the case of electric sheets of paper, it's ordinary computers, but differ in that they one can quite intensely deformed. The first time such a development was tested in the 70-ies of the last century. For almost 40 years of its existence electric paper time to move from a black-and-white to color, and to bring its thickness to a historic low. Now in the Land of the Rising Sun is produced electric paper, you can even fold up into a tube, as trivial exercise book.

Another achievement of science and technology shortly one can considered so called ultrabooks. This is a laptop, the thickness of which may be only about half a centimeter. One example is the model of Ultrabook Dell XPS13. Screen monitor such devices is 11 inches, but there is an option with 13.3 inches, which already meets the ordinary noubuku. Latin American companies are already planning next year's release ultrabook with a diagonal of about 19 inches with a thickness of 0.47 cm in the device

South Korean offer exciting project developers. They released the SD-card, which also is the access point Wi-Fi. This is a good option, as such, thanks to the universal memory card one can will send pictures of the web of even ordinary digital camera. If desired, one can simultaneously update the cards installed in your car navigator.

Technology does not stand still, and we are moving along with them.

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