Electric dog repeller fixed type

In almost all towns one can Follow subsequent phenomenon gather in a pack of dogs almost side by side with people taking certain area near the houses, and then — and just in the courts, where the next play as kids. They guard this area, visit various fundamental to their facilities — landfills and heating. And they guard their possessions often specifically from people. Pack of feral animals do not take a person and do not give him the right to exist as a beginning to feel its power. Thus, pack 10-20 of large dogs really can displace people from their own possessions — passers-by will just shun these places.

We solve the same problem of settling the territories dogs is very hard, with great difficulty. Defenders of animal rights by hook or by crook trying to ensure the inviolability of these creatures, and fierce appeal to them has already passed several cases. That accounts for people to take their own measures and fight on their own — sometimes even for their life and health, and for the lives of their own kids, who have to constantly be under the protection of adults.

Fortunately, modern technology allows people to oppose the activity of bloodless animals something without severe risk to be on the dock. For example, scientists have found that the astute ears of dogs is vulnerable — and they are afraid of ultrasound. Strong sound scares them, but for the person he really is inaudible. Experience and practice have shown that using ultrasound one can suspend already begun the attack animals and send them to flight.

And so in the courts, where the kids are playing better immediately install an electric dog repeller. At the current time, you can behold the sale of fixed equipment such type, and purchase it without the huge costs and problems. Sell it through the network web. Install it one can in the basement or utility room anywhere. The most powerful stationary repeller clear yard, and flocks will find a prettier place to live. None dog will not appear on these sites, while the unit is running. For pet owners one can allocate certain hours walking — or on the contrary, to include the device only at times. Elect an option that will suit everyone, one can always. The main thing that people were safe, and the kids can play quietly, without fear of various excesses, and not constantly looking for at least some barking.

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