Electric stone-spy found in Iran

Lasts backstage confrontation between the West and Iran. Not so long ago, the media in Tehran were told about the unusual incident which was the place to be in a particular vicinity of the plant, which Iranian nuclear scientists are engaged in uranium enrichment. Security forces on patrol found a suspicious area stone, which in appearance was similar to the splinter mountains. But as the protection closer to the stone, it suddenly exploded, reports Snews.ru.

After that incident, a study was conducted that showed that the fragment was not splinter the mountains, and was the real electrical device. Apparently, it is device monitored the surrounding area, and then transmit data via satellite links. It is possible that device The program was founded in the self-destruction when it was revealed by third parties.

Such devices consume Western intelligence agencies for a long time. One of those who intensively uses electrical pebbles are the British and the Israelis. Such stones were used for the Israeli secret service areas of Lebanon.

Iranian media report that for some time to self-detonation spyware stone of the area's uranium enrichment quite suddenly out of order transmission lines that serve the nuclear object. Now there is a version that the failure of the power supply systems has been associated with the actions of this most electric stone.

For obvious reasons, the standards such techniques are strictly hidden. Such stones are comfortable that they follow the contours of the landscape and not arouse suspicion.

About 10 years ago there was a source of interference, which weighed about 2.7 kg. Its title — WolfPack. OH was used for ejection interference allowing disrupt communication between the elements of the communication system of the enemy. If we connect these devices to the network, you can get object, which will have a significant impact on the electronics.

The story of the spy rock soon surfaced not only in Lebanon or Iran, and in Russia.

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