Elektomagnitnaya gun

Since the early 1980s, electric gun is becoming more and more than the principal part of the planned improvements in management systems of the future building. Analysis of possible means of attack of the enemy shows the need for new weapons systems possessing greater range and improved efficiency actions and guns, driven by action ordinary method to the next generation of their own may have already reached the limits of their own workers. Muzzle energy can be increased again by optimizing the performance, the source is the speed of existing tools with the highest performance characteristics are close to the physical and technical limits. The physical laws that govern the electric traction shell permit more the highest velocity of the projectile than the velocity of the projectile, driven by the ordinary method — this is a significant advantage of electric guns. You can also expect an increase in muzzle energy. Electrical gun will also hold more superior survivability than ordinary gun, and during the crisis, the independence of the raw materials for propellants can be crucial. E energy for the electric gun can be obtained from at least some of the primary energy source.

Electric reduction method projectile motion was proposed first 19th century, but the lack of appropriate electronic energy accumulation prevented its implementation. Recent developments have led to significant progress in the accumulation of the electron energy, and thus Makar, significantly increased the feasibility of weapons systems with electric guns.

Electric Gun

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