Elektrokatapulta fighter aircraft in the air

According to the website CNews.ru, held the first successful tests of electric catapult EMALS, within the framework of programs from the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. First test flight of a fighter F-35C, launched by catapult this promising setup, on 18 November.

Fighter Fifth-generation F-35C — this deck modification, created for use on aircraft carriers. The main differences between this version are: the presence of the wings are larger and increased area of the tail. That, along with the airframe and landing gear structurally reinforced, reinforced to withstand the load and maneuver at low speeds during take-offs and landings from ships. Payload the aircraft can be up to eight tons. If need be there opportunity placed on underwing pylons different instrument, namely the GAU-22A gun caliber of 25 mm.

Previously, the start of the aircraft in air with a steam catapult. But these devices are very complex and are not safe to use. In addition, they have in fact have gained ceiling power and can transmit up to 95 MJ of energy. Now it is planned to change their electrical catapult EMALS, which is superior to all the characteristics of steam. Energy transfer can be up to 122 MJ, which provides the ability to run a catapult air aircraft with a greater mass with small overloads for a pilot. Acceleration in new catapults a 29% increase. Introduction in her capacity of nuclear power plants on the aircraft carrier allows third of the reduced staff.

Initially, it was planned that the single-engine F-35 will be the mass combat unit, the main feature of which is a rather low production cost. But in the process of developing the planned costs have almost come close very tightly to the cost "heavy" rival the F-22. In this regard, discussions have already begun on the likely decommissioning programs from either lowering its funding.

First launch of a ready reference the most experienced F-35s with the introduction of a catapult EMALS took place on board the USS Wasp, landing craft, just a month after the "sensational" presentation F-35B. According to the developers, at this point, they are ahead of the planned schedule for about a month.

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