Emigration from Russia in 2011 is equal to the level of emigration 1917

Los Angeles Times reports that are now experiencing in our homeland of strongest with 1917 , the wave of emigration. According to some reports in the past decade has left Russia over 1.25 million people.

"Russians are leaving the masses" — written by journalists. However, they note that the current outflow of people from several different waves of emigration in 1917, and 70-80-ies of the last century. If then leaving the country, the citizens of selling your home transport and other property, but now they do so "in a silent way." Many of today's immigrants leave a "bridge" between Russia and the other, in case you need to return. But a very small percentage of returnees.

According to the estimates of professionals, each year Russia forever leaves from 100 to 150 thousand people. Over the past three years, the flow of immigrants has increased sharply. Sociologists believe that our homeland is going through a significant "brain drain" and if the recent government will not be able to radically change the situation, the Russian science will soon just finished developing. Scientists complain not only on low wages, and on outdated equipment, which last updated once a decade back. Opinion polls show that about 20% of Russians are sent every year to try their luck abroad. And this number includes not only the young scientists.

Edition of The Telegraph writes that in 10 years Russia has left about 30 thousand financiers, businessmen and entrepreneurs. Many of their own departure clarifies the inability to lawfully do business and cooperate with corrupt bureaucrats or risk their freedom, many do not want to. Businessmen also they say about the deterioration of the economic situation — economic growth in Russia in the near future fell from 8% to 3% year.

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