Employers want to see the business of government priorities

Belarusian businessmen today suggested the authorities to announce the development of small and medium-sized businesses a top government priority. They recommend that the House of Representatives holds annual hearings on the problems of business and require public review of all bills relating to small and medium-sized businesses. These and other suggestions were made at the conference entrepreneurial community organizations.

Chairman of the organizing committee of the association "For Free Development of Enterprise" Victor Gorbachev led to the beginning of the statistics. In 36 villages spread among entrepreneurs 20 and a half thousand questionnaires. Was found that 73% of respondents believe: in recent years the legislation in the field of business has deteriorated considerably. Yet the worst results in the tax area — are already 97% of the respondents give the same answer. Gorbachev asked in the audience raise their hands if any of them or their families suffered from repression. responded to three-quarters of the audience.

Victor Gorbachev cited three main wishes for the government to simplify the work of individual entrepreneurs:

Victor Gorbachev

"In the first place happened — to soften (some written — reduce, reduce, reduce) the tax burden. This is — 39% of those who responded to the questionnaire. On the second place — to reduce the rent, adjust it according to the current legislation. This is — 28% . Third — adjust control activities: 23%. "

At the numbers noted and leader of the "Tell the Truth" Nyaklyayeu. After listening to entrepreneurs, he spoke to them. Later in the interview, Mr. Nekljaev stressed according to the survey, 98% of businesses would like to participate in the creation of laws in their area:


"And I thought — the problem of our society is that it is not involved in the political life of the country. Already announced the approach of All-Belarusian People's Assembly. And there will be taken some important decisions. And I asked the businessmen: though one person of them was a delegate to these meetings? And who is planning to be in the future a delegate? They all rassmyayalisya. And then I asked, what if to do so — we are of the "Tell the Truth" allocate their national delegates to this All-Belarusian People's Assembly? To our people's delegate said that is where the delegates from the power of the people's heads truth. In my opinion, this proposal was supported by all. "

At a conference of businessmen were several potential presidential candidates. Yaroslav Romanchuk even made an analysis of the pros and cons of the bill "On the support of small and medium-sized businesses" and number 4 of the Directive. But the Vitaly Rymashevski their presence here said "Freedom" as follows:

Vitaly Rymashevski

"I went to see the level of activity on the part of the participants. Should be aware of their competitors. I was a presidential candidate must have the information. Since autumn will start May election campaign. And we have also planned a number of activities — and this kind, and a little bit different."

Neither Deputy Economy Andrei Tur, no other invited representatives of the authorities to the conference of entrepreneurs did not come.



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