Encircle the earth hundreds of pyramids. Why?

Scientists suggest: the pyramids — is astronomical instruments, and not places of worship

Traces of ancient civilizations in the Canary Islands? As it was impossible to believe! What could bring our ancestors to these little bits and pieces of lava? However, one of the seven islands — central — Tenerife, where I come, not expecting anything to tour, I was told that someone in the town of Guimar for something already built a nine pyramids. Survived to this day six.

In the 1990s, Canary pyramid began to patronize the famous Norwegian explorer and anthropologist Thor Heyerdahl. And today, after his death, these facilities have received the status of ethnographic park.

Compared with the Egyptian pyramids Guimar — dwarfs. Most of all, remind step pyramids built by the Aztecs and Mayans in Mexico. But on a global scale, they close the circuit pyramidal structures established in a fairly narrow band of the tropical zone.

Guimar — the last link in the chain, if we take the first Egyptian pyramid. Then will be followed by the Mediterranean, Arabian, Chinese, Polynesian, Central and Latin America.

It is estimated that in the whole world there are about 300 pyramids. For example, in Egypt, there are about 80, Mexico — 16. And in Tibet — as much more than a hundred!

Why did our ancestors built these strange and seemingly totally impractical construction?

Graves or astrolabe?

Hypotheses — hundreds. Up to the most extravagant: the pyramids — is the energy hub or beacons for orientation in intergalactic flight. But which one is right? No one knows. From which we can conclude that people have forgotten the true purpose of the pyramids. But maintained a reverent attitude toward them.

— Pyramids were once very useful astronomical instruments such as astrolabes, — proving the same Heyerdahl.

— Pyramids of Guimar oriented sunset in midsummer sunrise and — with the winter solstice — agrees Scientific Secretary Canarian Institute of Astrophysics Campbell Warden. — And all the pyramids on the west side there are stairs, getting up in the morning on which the winter solstice, a man "welcomes" the rising sun. Thus, the purpose of the pyramids, most likely, only astronomical.

In addition, the orientation of the pyramids to the cardinal provided our ancestors convenient observation of celestial bodies and solar eclipses.


How could spread the art of pyramid building all over the world? Heyerdahl believed that the striking similarities between themselves the earliest known step pyramids of Egypt, the pyramids ritual found in Peru and in Mesopotamia, and now pyramids Tenerife — the result of maritime exchanges between the ancient civilizations.

In other words, Guimar pyramids — one of the tracks once existed transatlantic ties.

For example, during the archaeological excavations around the Canary pyramids were found several items from … South America.

— Long before Columbus 'prehistoric' travelers could cross the ocean on primitive rafts and boats, thus realizing a cultural exchange between the two continents — explained Heyerdahl.

And from the middle of the last century, he organized several unique expeditions. He sailed from Peru to Polynesia on a raft, and covered the distance of 8000 km in 101 days. On papyrus boats crossed the Atlantic. On a copy of the ancient Sumerian vessel sailed the Tigris River, past the Persian Gulf and Pakistan, and finally crossed the Indian Ocean, reaching the African nation of Djibouti at the entrance to the Red Sea.

Stone observatory

— The fact that, for example, the Great Pyramid in Egypt served as an observatory, repeatedly mentioned by the ancient historians — says Egyptologist Nicholas Danilov. — However, it was unclear how consistent the internal structure of the pyramid space problems in astronomy.

The answer came the English astronomer Richard Proctor. He pointed to a huge trench graded in the core of the pyramid, aligned celestial meridian. Through it, the priests were able to observe the motion of celestial objects, like fixing the intersection of the celestial meridian.

Served as a kind of telescope Descending tunnel, oriented to the North Star, and the upward directed at the same angle, and suddenly gives way to a gallery of almost 8.5 meters tall. Through its "gap" was convenient to follow the passage of the zodiacal constellations. And you could make a very accurate map of the sky and the sign before the invention of the telescope in the XVII century.

Proctor believes that with the help of the Grand Gallery of the Great Pyramid was possible to observe the movement of the sun and the shadows on the walls. And placing an opaque screen with a small hole in the upper end of the gallery, the astronomers could obtain a larger image of the sun, which can be seen even sunspots.

COMMENT Skeptics

The pyramids in Egypt are like the stars in the constellation Orion

Encircle the earth hundreds of pyramids.  Why?

Department Head of the Center for Astronomical Data Institute of Astronomy of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Candidate of Sciences Olga Dluzhnevskaya:

— I am also very interested in the pyramids in Tenerife. Local scientists have only begun to deal with them. And another interesting discovery I found in Mexico. There, on the campus, in the so-called lava gardens, remaining after the eruption of the volcano, is a pyramid. She was not very tall, black, spiral. Covered by lava. Built thousands of years before Christ. I asked from there the professors it — a burial ground? No one knows. And just imagine my surprise when later on the Canary Island of La Palma saw exactly the same pyramid!

I have on this matter some consideration. May indeed by Mexico and La Palme pyramids were built as one people? Or they lived there, and there? Or swam across on rafts and built.

— Olga, in the case of the pyramid there were only observatories?

— One of the holes in the pyramid of Cheops hacked so that the chamber of the pharaoh on certain days of sunlight penetrated. Also in Abu Simbel — a rock on the west bank of the Nile. There are carved two famous ancient temple during the reign of Ramses II. On the day of his birth, the sun lit up the figure of the pharaoh, who was standing at the bottom of a long 60-meter corridor.

According to one hypothesis, many ancient peoples believed that the Earth reflects what is up there in the sky. Perhaps it is this related to the fact that the pyramids of Giza in Egypt, when viewed from above, are arranged as the constellation of Orion. But to astronomical observations it does have an attitude?

The Mayas famous pyramid of Kukulkan (El Castillo) on all sides surrounded by ladders. Only on each side of stage 91 — a total of 364, that is, the number is the number of days in a year. Wide steep stairs divided by 18 spans, each corresponding month of the year — the Mayan calendar was just 18 months.

Pyramid is geographically very precise: four sides looking due south, north, west and east. So, when the sun shines pyramid equinoxes, the shadow of a stairway so fall on the side surface, which is an image snake. The pyramids at Teotihuacan, 52 km from Mexico City, just focus on the sun, moon and planets. That is, they reflect a world star, space on earth. But I also do not know if they were made with some astronomical observations.

— Why almost all the pyramids are located in the belt of the Earth?

— People in those days had settled in a warm place and where there was material for construction — housing whether churches. After all, in the north of the snow or ice, and tundra moss does not build the pyramids.

— Why choose the form of the ancestors is the pyramids?

— It is the most stable configuration. It will not fall, and it is almost impossible to destroy.

Svetlana KUZINA

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