Energy Vampires

October 1, 2012 1:31

You can believe and not believe, accept or reject the vampires. But this will change nothing. They exist. And they — among us. Vampires are different in nature, but their essence is the same. They drink someone else's life, feeding her. Sometimes this involves the direct consumption of blood, as the most brilliant impersonation of the current in the human energy.
There are also those who are called "energy" vampires. People are communicating with which you can lose your strength, will and energy. With that, one way or another, almost every sign.

Has a rare blood disease — porphyria. The name comes from the Greek word "porfiros" — red. Yet it is called a "disease of Dracula." The case was one in a million, but they take place around the world. One of the symptoms of the disease — acute allergic to sunlight. The authors of the film tried to tell everything that is associated with vampires. In the picture included a few stories of people who can not live without eating fresh, still-warm blood. Their comments on the topic of vampirism give physicians, psychologists, psychics.

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