Environmentalists are going to raise $ 32 thousand for the protection of leopards in Armenia

Animal lovers plan to gather before the end of the year more than 32 thousand dollars, which will be used to monitor the state of Caucasian leopard in Armenia, as well as to protect the predator from poachers, the statement said the Global Fund save the Earth (WLT).

In the middle of the last century leopards were common in the mountains of Armenia, but to date they have not more than 15 individuals. The main reason for the disappearance of the Caucasian leopard became uncontrolled hunting. Poaching continued, as noted in the report, even after the introduction of the leopard in the International Red Book.

"In September we (WLT) are starting a new company in the defense of the Caucasus leopard in Armenia and are planning to send the remaining four months of 32.4 thousand dollars for monitoring, protection and expansion of protected areas," — said in a statement.

Animal-welfare advocates say that money will be used to organize the migration corridor for leopards in the area of 700 hectares, which will allow the predator to roam from Armenia to Azerbaijan and then to Iran. In addition, experts are going to make detailed maps of habitat leopard and install cameras to monitor the animals and control of territory.

Transfer money WLT Anyone can use the electronic form on the foundation's Web site worldlandtrust.org.

Near Eastern leopard subspecies previously lived in the area from the North Caucasus to the Red Sea and the Bosporus to Pakistan, but in the XX century, the area of its distribution is much reduced. For example, currently in Russia this kind of leopard does not occur, it was completely destroyed by man at the end of the second decade of XX century. In Russia, work is under way to restore the predator population.

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