Esoteric camouflage dedicated

March 14, 2012 14:05

Esoteric artistry is the shield, mask, veil, which allows energy holistic person look in the eyes of people like them. It usually brings ever if some integrity has already been formed and it should "pack."

The primary cause of esoteric artistry in recent decades is that in today's world there are more spiritually advanced people, yoga, spirituality, living in the world in terms of communication, and the people around do not know about it, are not prepared for the unexpected appearance in their environment beings with a new quality of consciousness and non-standard abilities.

In past centuries, yoga was the status of monks, saints, hermits, that is, those to whom the people in general did not use many of their moral principles, requirements, etc. There was still a status of priests, which are usually more active part in the life of society, but they have a role, and how and what they were doing behind the walls of their monasteries, temples, forest shelters, few people are interested in, if it did not stop socium live by its laws.

The situation is quite different today. Higher power for determining the fate of the people in the world are clearly set to rebuild the consciousness of mankind towards spiritual development, which wish to obtain a birth, lifetime on Earth spiritual essence of the fate that their life goes on in close contact with all the others, is not familiar with spirituality and esoteric people. They are not allowed to go to the mountains, to shelters, do not give much to unite on the basis of similarity, do not give the finished material support, as it was earlier in the temples and monasteries. Instead, the ancient yogis, priests, teachers being born again come close to urban apartments with relatives, and often their lives are constructed in such a way that for a living, they can someone esoteric teaching, expanding consciousness of the people, explaining to them the laws, teaching yoga, meditation or doing writing books on the same topics.

Consciousness of such people will develop more quickly than others, and around — close relatives, friends that yesterday were open relationship, can not understand the sudden changes in behavior and bizarre choices that sometimes suddenly make their loved one closed, distant, incomprehensible, cold (compared with the emotions that most people live).

While developing only consciousness, it still somehow comes off, but when it begins to develop the human energy system, when his chakra not begin to produce the kinds of energy that are, on average, the people around them, then he has to keep away from people who actually go to the monks, but not wearing robes and not leaving the monastery. This is called — a hermit in the world.

If you look at how people communicate with each other at an energy level, the picture is as follows: they are closely interwoven fibers of energy, constantly remember about each other, remember the behavior of relatives, neighbors, friends, co-workers say about this behavior, discuss artists, politicians, money, love, morality, sex, etc. All this draws people close to the astral plane to each other, they are constantly fighting, and admire each other, condemn, fight, praise, love, disengaging. This creates a dense, hot field, where everyone has a cell, the role of trying to improve their status, to prove something to themselves and to others. People, in general, well in this field, they all feed off each other's time, at least, they are warm, not too lonely, they always have the energy due to continuous energy exchange.

Through the chakras every individual rolled whole wave of emotional energy and go further in this one human sea.

With the development of the combat, the men at first there is no urgent need to disconnect from this flow, it is quite possible to eat, process and use its energy for growth. But the peace of people going through the mind, especially when a person begins to meditate a lot, being in this field simply nullifies the effect of meditation. Meditation is the cultivation of a new quality of consciousness and energy, and it is sometimes necessary for lasting peace.

To achieve this we have to control all the income and expenditure of energy on the level of all the chakras. Since then more and more things are changing. Emotional flows for a man of his family who had recently given feeding, are now beginning to have a devastating effect. Destructiveness grows gradually as the spiritual development of the individual, to the extent that his chakras begin to work in other "electric" mode than the people around them.

At this stage, a person has to "go to the monks," to become a "closed system", which will take place in specific processes, the energy of which can not be mixed with the energy of people who otherwise flow processes. The process can take years, but it can and decades.

Chakra system of the person on which to build almost all the relationships of people — mutual feelings, makeup energy complementarity qualities, energy exchange, the whole system is very similar to an electrical appliance complicated device. It has a lot of wires of different metals of different thicknesses, with different insulation. There are various types of transformers, batteries for different energy levels, entry and exit points of energy. The human beings all this economy has a single device, a yogi, it is somewhat different, more complex, a deity — even more difficult.

When a person wants to become a yoga, it should make a big reorganization of the instrument, it takes many years, requiring several greenhouse conditions, calm, quiet energy and life into a meditative state.

Meditative states other than the state in which people live in them the energy circulating in the device for new laws, to grow new wiring, rebuilt batteries, removed unnecessary wires, switches, and more. The voltage in the device during the rebuild is more, sometimes less, changing the current, off the old sources of energy, looking for new. All this — fine work that requires a lot of attention, awareness, because here is all the work of the laws, with the opening of the chakras, the ability to go into a trance.

These processes, on the one hand like a technical — adjustment device, and on the other hand, they are similar to the gradual transformation of seed sprouted seeds, sprouted seeds then become the germ, and later a tree. If people were in the laws of nature, in this process it would be more of a germ, but because mankind thousands of years conjuring different predators, moving all the wiring as it was profitable to feed, in the modern techniques of yoga, there are many "disenchantment" Rights of non-natural in nature, which resemble with the unit, and after that comes the actual process of growth.

Artistry is necessary even during the "disenchantment" as most people around continue to be bewitched. Imagine that someone fulfills their emotional depressions. At first learns to sink for food, clothing, small pleasures. So far so good — no one before had not. But then he learns to sink a career, to diseases and their loved ones (fear can be a form of negative depressions), then it does not sink to the development of their children, the death of loved ones, to a harmonious relationship with his pair. As the wife react to calm attitude to her husband's career?

Seriously ill relative. All relatives worn on pharmacies, ring up professionals seeking communication practitioners. In this — their lives, a lot of emotions, brightness, they save a member of his clan. Who do they see our nezapadayuschego yoga as a traitor nor the struggle for survival clan?

Relatives happy children in the best colleges, the section of this takes time, money, energy — everything is done with the retraction — they live, and this is normal.

Grandfather died. Favorite, as he did for the family, the loss, relatives arrived, the question of inheritance, memories, tears, emotion, gratitude — all this fills people's lives, but it is strung on emotional passionate rods, all of which are due to the brightness of the fuel — the emotional energy . And our yogi for this energy in your chakras blocked — he learns not to sink and looks terrible selfish. If he had gone to the monks — then everything would be different, but he is living in the family!

So, artistic needs, and not the comic artistry. Masks do not dress for two hours play, sometimes for many years and through these masks should not suddenly break the true attitude, sincere, at least if we are going to live among the people enchanted, but still in the family.

For if we dispel, at least in part, it is sufficient in some cases to tell people the truth carelessly, as it may fail meaning to their lives (sometimes part of the meaning), at least, the meaning that they themselves invented. Imagine that when this very sick relative, everyone rushed to save him, and while saving, they live a lot of situations. Someone accumulating altruism, someone remembers past grievances and forgives them, someone knows medicine, healing, in a critical situation aggravated contradictions between some relatives — someone moves away, someone closer, people get to know yourself through these contradictions.

And our yogi who knows exactly what is still a relative die in six months, said suddenly. People lowered his hands, the shock comes, someone will believe, and at the same time hate yoga with their clairvoyance. Will be disrupted the game, he hurt people and their development. But even if he does not let it slip if the mother knows something about his abilities, they will catch his every glance, gesture, facial expression, as soon as it will go on the disease.

People are, while women have intuition and yoga have six months carefully portray hope to recover a man who simply ends this fate. Here we speak of the esoteric artistry, which have not outwardly portray hope and energy, but without this hope inside.

Now take a moment when the person that anticipate events, refers someone from the family, the question head-on: "Do you think we will be able to save him?". Usually a person has the right to answer what he thinks, he, thank God, does not "know" and with it the demand is small — it can not be that easy to kill another hope. But the man with the esoteric status, when we already know that it's something he can, anticipate — is another.

Yogi looks "there" and sees "out there" that had come up with the question did not ask him the truth. He even verbally softens the question to himself: "Do you think we will be able to save him?" And not "he will die?". Responsible sees energy person asks to strengthen his hope that he approached for support for the belief in miracles, not the truth. We have to get out — do not cheat and do not tell the truth of what is called "gray version", but still with good artistry: "There is hope" — sounds answer a firm voice, and where hope, who have it, it does not specify …

If esoteric lived in the temple, if he was a priest, a healer with a recognized status, then it would only the courage, or asking for healing. Also, if a priest wants to hide the truth, he will have to keep only part of a conversation, and to tell the truth, it will be closed on the walls of the temple of human emotions. But if he lives in the home and told the truth, he will have to live in the emotional field of grief, until people calm down.

Just as it is sometimes necessary to hide information about dating relationships in which one usually likes or sinks, and the second is suffering and he still have something. The first asks the esoteric: "How do I behave so that we get by?", And he sees that there is nothing to get better, that there is a fundamental contradiction and partners will likely have to develop retraction, affection, and not to live a harmonious life. Truth in the forehead again

can not speak — the man has much to live in situations — to think that we can say to this man, what he put a picture that he took it well.

Often there is an option: a woman engaged in meditation, and my husband is working and to him this is not the case. And the wife enjoys it in forty years, after twenty years of normal life together, and if she will say that from these sessions can break a family, it will be a long laugh.

But that is three to four years of study and it becomes boring to talk with her husband. And for a woman bored — it's not that for men. When a man is boring, he is looking for a new game or a new job, but when a woman bored with her husband from month to month, it is looking for a new man. But suppose that she did not want a divorce, then it will have six months to hear the talk about the same problem that worries her husband as long as he does not understand something. Again, you can not openly say that he will succeed, or he will not be interested. There need artistry, patience, and altruism.

Man must not hide flaws, as is common with all and dignity — their understanding of life, its laws, its knowledge and some of its state, its relation to something, your vision, as all that, coming out in a barefaced manner, can destroy people's lives.

When a person comes to talk to the other, it is usually, if it's not a formal communication, connected to the field of the other. If it's close friends, if they have a connection between the chakras, the resonance, the connection does not begin only at the field level, but also at the level of the chakras. Energy flow element, someone takes something, gives, takes, gives, offers to exchange, entices implants.

Everything happens in the astral plane and the physical plane people reduce this to a general sense of the type: "good chat", "oh, something is not right", "it puts pressure on me," "I was so interesting." In fact, there is a connection to the "electric circuits" each other and very complex energy exchange. Even ordinary physical stomach makes a lot of chemical action in the digestion of food, for the separation of different substances, and we do not notice until it comes crashing into his work, so what can we say about the complexity of the processes in the energy bodies of people.

Imagine that the man wanted to overhaul its energy unit, there is something pumps, shakes, opens, cleans, and at this time to talk to him comes another and automatically tries to connect to its power system — inject something there, and get t . etc. Moreover, this other — often a friend, relative, or friend, who has already been established with the usual rules of energy, and suddenly he bumps into a wall, the reluctance of the resonance.

Resentment, frustration, bewilderment, and then aggressive attacks, the charge of madness and sectarianism, unconscious desire to break the defense to get to the chakras, the accusation of being cold, of selfishness — a standard set of reactions that bring down perplexed people for years to those who are beginning to rebuild its power grid without going to the monastery.

Gradually, with the development of yoga and new age in our society, this phenomenon is, of course, will get some to its name, but so far about it, few people know, and the people have not yet recognized the right of someone to engage in domestic work, disconnecting energy from others.

Usually in the chakras developing person accumulates "electricity" higher voltage. If the "closed loop" with someone who has a different voltage, it can burn provodochki, fuses not hold, that is, a person may be bad, but Yogi is meaningless for him to lose valuable energy. Although there are different — a dense human energy falls into the more subtle power of yoga and clogs them, melt the thin wires, why a yoga lost in time, certain abilities.

So esoteric artistry is a large buffer, a set of roles, which hides from the surrounding inner life of spirituality, just as the walls of the monastery hid human antiquity.

Training deep secrecy

Deep closure applies in cases where a person needs to do of his chakra is not emitted into the environment, to be exact — on people, as well as in cases where a person does not want to "get it", that is, what caused it, or emotions or feelings when a person does not want to share with someone energies or part of the energy spectrum.

This happens usually when faced with aggressive people, or very inadequate environment — often in communication, but there were cases when people interfere with their energies to the spirits, the essence of any of the spaces in which turn.

Thus, in the pure, unspoiled nature, local spirits do not like that people were arguing, swearing, were discussing their municipal affairs: politics, clashes between different societies — such energy, spreading around and prevents the spirits of the forest. Entity in the churches and temples also do not like when someone in their territory rapidly spreading emotions that do not meet the religious spirit and essence of living in the shops and facilities in the city resisted the natural energy — they are in their way. Nevertheless, in these cases, rather small, secret, not to interfere, but when the other person intended effect, there is a deep need to be able to close.

With good closed chakras all screwed up inside, no radiation, not even feeling on some level, or they are very muted.

Compare this with the colors, because our chakras — also flowers. The flowers have a subtle — the inner petals and external — hard and green. When the flower opened, its delicate petals can soak up the sun, wind, dew, attract insects, flower breathes, lives and communicates with others. If the petals are closed at night, and tight closed around, the flower is asleep, it can feel that something is going on somewhere around, but there is a dull, distant, through the wall, the flower is not dead, but sleeping, screwed a . From the outside it is almost imperceptible.

That is the case with human feelings, deliberately covering the chakras in a hostile environment. For esoteric artistic skill must first enter into a state of deep secrecy, and then show other outside power, which in and never will be, but the person with whom you are talking to them feel, will think that they are yours.

Swadisthana. When this chakra is activated, we feel a lump somewhere dense energy in the lower body. It is the energy of desire, she immediately wakes up, lights up, starts to dance, if we find ourselves in the community of attractive people of the opposite sex is a natural instinct.

Training is to just being in such a society, to feel nothing, no one to attract their appearance and energy and do not involve yourself. Consciousness through the will can control the body, so if you put yourself this task — it will be quite feasible. You do not give their lower

energy to ignite, screwing into the field, the sexual energy is radiated out of your eyes, lips, out of nowhere and you get gray, tatty.

Suppose you do somebody like — a person begins to speak to you, sits down, release your sexual energy and … falls into the cool emptiness. Note the difference — he should not be feeling that he ran into a wall, behind which you hide from him something warm and attractive — your sexual energy. This situation will only razdraznivat it — it means that you apparently closed, but chakra alive, radiates energy and makes you want to take you by storm.

At the communication partner must be a feeling that you have no sexual energy, or it is very weak, or you devastated by someone. Phlegmatic cool — not the best place to have a good evening, and you will be left alone. Same chakra, or rather its closure, can be trained in music, if a stable music makes you sexual perception, or erotic films. Well, if you learn how to be in peace and quiet the whole evening in the pleasant society ladies or gentlemen, and with music and alcohol, consider that the exam delivered.

Manipur. Convenient train closed in the market, in stores that sell something interesting with a lot of people. The entire trip to the market becomes a drill: You're buying, see the quality of goods, even haggle! But all this is only the head, and the conversation, no warm-up energy in the lower body, without force sensation at the bottom, without pushing the vendor field, even if he pushes you. Seller pushes catches you trying to push you in the goods with your energy, and you — clear as fog — your force field promyat can not, can not be deformed, because it does not exist — it is turned off, as a protective field around the ship in space thriller .

Note that for this field is really off, not allowed on the subconscious emotional thoughts such as: "How everything is expensive! .. Should I buy it? .. But will there be enough money for that? ". Such emotional thoughts immediately turn on the chakra, it will concern for survival, different fears or desire to buy something. Off — then turned off — all went out. We can also train the lack of energy in Manipur while watching fighters, though it's boring, because the militants, mostly interested in the fact that stirs the energy in this chakra, but useful.

Anahata. Used here and sensual music and movies all sentimental, but most importantly — the very communion with the people who give us a lot of heart and energy trying to reveal to us the heart to yourself to get this energy from us. There are many cases where we fit someone's heart energy, the laws by which people live on this chakra, but if they do not fit, the resonance, the exchange on this chakra can cause a very unpleasant feeling. It's all very individual, depending on the situation. Someone may come your heart energy, but it may appeal to the extent that people become attached to you, and it will complicate your life.

In any case, this chakra is also trained to be open and closed by conscious will, like all the others. When open, the man keenly feels the pain of others, joy, pain, love, and closed strongly feel dull.

If a person usually lives with an open heart, then it is difficult to learn how to close — it ceases to feel the world, he soon becomes boring, meaningless life, he was sorry for the time spent in this state, and he's right, but spiritual development are exceptions that require closure (altruism, inner love with will not disappear).

Usually, people close to the heart of someone, if he had done something very dishonest, but here we are talking about conscious control over the will, and not through the emotions and the laws of the subconscious. Wanted — a fist, wanted — to relax — everyone manages a recognized need. A untrained heart — then closes, as the kulaks, who themselves are compressed with anger, it is revealed he feels pleasant energy, although these energies can hide very different. In fact, to train the whole body to obey consciousness takes time, but it is necessary, however, each person in different ways.

Protection awareness

Under the protected consciousness is understood not limited to, undeveloped consciousness, and very developed, which may choose to enter into a closed — or open protected — receptive state. Good training — do not think about anything in the presence of people who talk about it, provided that you are very interested in it.

Suppose that the lady is very partial to a certain gentleman. It is in the company, which just discussing its advantages, disadvantages, of interest to recall the details of it, but it is necessary, so that no one knew about her feelings, and is followed by a jealous husband and someone else. Consciousness is emptied, volume, bright ideas in it, as it were denied, because they can feel the people. Volume and brightness have thoughts occur, if the thought energy satiate the senses. Lady, like, do not care who they are, she says to herself in, that it was a completely different person, as it deceives its sphere of feelings, it lulls. A rumor is, the memory remains, all recorded on tape, is forbidden only live information at the moment, you can do this then — alone.

Another type of training is used when you need to learn not to take someone else's thoughts, ideas, the depth of his consciousness. If a person hears or reads something, very open, the thoughts penetrate deeply into it. It's good if they are constructive, and develop human, but you thoughts and ideas can break, especially if someone presents them with a strong contribution of energy, trying to alter the interlocutor, to make believe in something, to hypnotize of his consciousness their purposes.

The first type of blind protection — to hear the voice of the words, but did not listen — it's a good workout, but it is "blind" — you will be hard to maintain a dialogue.

The second type — listen to the words, to understand the thoughts and ideas, but impose on them some common cliche like, "All of this — his opinion, it is subjective, it is necessary for him, but not me."

The third type of workout is more advanced, when you can, not passing thought in the depths of consciousness, that is, not believing them to sort and stick to them no one security stamp — a label, a lot of different "This is valuable, it seems truth, it is doubtful, it is interesting to think about is, but it's not true, then the source clearly wants me to subject, and this idea is painted his pride; sober thought again and so on … "

Such training is conveniently carried out, if someone is actively "composted" your brain, and no shortage of such people usually do not happen — we love to teach it.

Sort, which covers all of the spectra of the speaker — a fine art, it requires a higher level of consciousness, collected will and inner peace.

Women normally open or completely — when they like talking man, or close — too full — when they do not like, do not fit his energy and quality. In the first case, a woman all at once believe everything is absorbed — and what we need, and what do not, and in the second case is losing an opportunity to learn something valuable.

Men have a different story — if they agree with what they say, they nod in the affirmative, but it is not very interesting — so they already know this, but the appearance of the ideas with which they disagree, the men immediately lose the ability to hear more and start arguing in words or thoughts, and also miss valuable if it is there.

Another type of training the mind is that during the entire communication clearly understand and feel that all the views expressed, and you, and another person, financially. They have length, size, weight, density, direction, softness or sharpness, penetration, and much more. From this point of view, exchange of ideas, discussion of something, it is an exchange "things."

Thoughts expressed aloud by someone, have the direction of movement in space — usually they move out of a center speaker, and can be directed upwards, like a fountain, or the spread in space, or embedded directly into your head, the heart, etc. On this basis, some "things" you want to take, others — rejected as unnecessary, and others — in your pocket to use when needed.

Now that thought is felt as delicate matter before saying something out loud, you have to put it in space, but not to utter words, and try to feel how it will accept around.

Once thought becomes concrete completed form as soon as we formulate it in words, even to himself, but we do not hide, but instead to stick out, the astral body of our interlocutors have already noticed it and are already responding.

You can feel his astral body they anticipate their reactions and responses to the physical plane. Having mastered this ability, a person can avoid a lot of unnecessary conflict and predict the degree of understanding of his words interlocutors. Test the effects of thought "there", you can mitigate the "here", or to make them firmer, clearer and sharper.

All of these workouts on a closed or open (merger, identification, treatment thoughts and feelings of others) allow the ability to turn out, I need to survive in a world where many fine aggression.

Esoteric artistry means that you will be in closed, open and sometimes vice versa, but from the outside it will be difficult to understand, since the face and external energies will represent anything, but not what's inside: boredom, when you are very interested, joy, When you feel sad, seriously, when you parse a laugh. Masks should be as natural, and stay a long time (as needed), that those people who do not need to know your inner world, forgotten or do not know what is happening inside you. Then you find yourself in a "monastery", where you can meditate.


No coincidence technique for creating masks placed after closing technique. Usually artistic mask role can create without any special private inside — is able artists. Director often chooses to actor for the role, which is not only externally but also energy, lives close to the laws of the role being played. This makes the film, the play alive, "right", but the artist is not necessarily trained to hide something deep within yourself, and more akin esoteric artistry artistry scout.

If the person on the outside attracts some energy, reflecting their outside, but inside it live in the moment like energy, emotions, feelings, and it's not a power mask, as between the external and the internal energy of the resonance occurs immediately — like attract like, and our "hermit" plunge in "worldly feelings." But when inside a center really is under good control, it becomes possible to use reflection to create the desired mirages.

Someone is coming to talk to us and, of course, sends the range of its radiation. Suppose it is how many emotional joy, desire to get close to us better, to learn something. It is not powerful, it is the average, little impact on us.

The first — a normal version of what usually happens on the energy level is as follows: we open, there is a resonance, we also want something from that person are exchanges, mutual influence, etc.

The second option is used when people want to alienate. We put the wall, increasing the distance meet him shiver, and he is forced to retreat, but here he will understand, feel.

And then, finally, the third option, which is an example of esoteric artistry.

Being inside is completely quiet and private, far away from this person in the astral plane, we meet its emission soft, slightly viscous front surface field, constrain it its energy, extinguish her head, and then gently send him back to the same. This is a kind, soft cushioning. When we started talking, human energy flowed back to him, and we can give it some color.

Speaking of faster, louder than the partner, you dinamiziruete his same energy and the same people are working on, lifting his spirits. And if you have to the contrary, upokoit companion, then you respond slower than it, rearranging the particles of its energy on its field quieter vibration.

Energy Reflection interlocutor is not hard and soft, you will not be fought off his flow back, and attach them to the torque in the "working" part of his field and just bathe in his own human power.

An even more effective way to create a mask is injecting a certain amount of their energy in the return flow.

Injection means that you do not go out to the open resonance, the energy of the interlocutor can not enter you into the depths. You can bring into play a number of joy-interlocutor feel comfortable, understand that you accept it, you respect that you give him welcome. Can be given in a conversation interesting information and the source will he needed knowledge and facts. Such amounts of energy are usually not very large, a sense of comfort and help to resolve the issue in question and do not de-energize the givers.

If for quite some time, every time you are dealing with certain people in that way, they remember it this way, he forms a mask that hides your essence and energy. Then people will not come into his head to look at you something else.

When communicating in companies at meetings, wherever there is a community, it is convenient to delay slightly the energy of one interlocutor in the "working" part of his field, and then transfer it to another, a third, and so on through you energy flows of different people going through you they want an exchange, no one will be offended by what you are closed, because no one would notice this especially — because you are soft on the outside, fun, you always like — this is the norm. Great voice, bright words, jokes, valuable information — a whirlwind in the working part of the field, creates a beautiful mask that usually suits all, but if someone is very curious, or aggressive, and still wants to get to your essence, then his have found inner strength. Your field has its own time, its space, its speed vortices, all of which can also be used to create masks. You just do not give you the aggressive interlocutor impose its rate of speech, his manner of speaking, the rate of flow of energy, do not accept the role of being imposed on you.

So esoteric artistry is a means of survival in an unsuitable environment, energy, a store in the right environment for our meditation.

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