Estonia glorifies acts ideology of the Third Reich

Estonia "shock" marks the 70th anniversary of the beginning of the Nazi occupation of the country. But the glorification of Nazism in the Baltic states can not take all the new elite. Just behind the gathering of the SS and the classic benefit of annual summer lightning "Erna" Estonians categorically shall be removed close the exhibition on born in Tallinn, one of the leaders of the Third Reich, Alfred Rosenberg.

Recall that in July-August 1941, the Nazis occupied the area Estonia. Helped them and countless supporters from among the local inhabitants. And in memory of the "former military decorations" on July 30 in the town of Sinnimyae, where in 1941 the Estonians assist kill the Red Army, and three years later the local SS men restrained the coming Russian troops held meeting of veterans of the 20th Estonian SS division. And that was just the beginning.

Right behind it was held August 3-6 regular international military sports game under the title "March Erna." It was carried out in 18 minutes (though the last) time in the memory of the eponymous Estonian commando battalion "Abwehr", which in August 1941 and thrashed in the rear of the retreating Red Army. In the "unique summer lightning" involved teams from 30 states. The event was blessed and representatives of state power.

Russian Foreign Minister spoke out sharply about these events. "Unusual concern is that the shares of the glorification of Nazi collaborators to instill in young people the ideas of neo-Nazism, xenophobia and racism, review the results of the second world war, are systemic in nature. Scheduled for August 3-6, another" military-sports "game" Erna Hike , "is further evidence of this trend unsafe," — said in the first statement of Russian Foreign Ministry on the events in the Baltics.

Russian side urged the EU and NATO to assess what is happening in Estonia, but those are usually kept silent. Encouraged by such support taciturn, Estonian diplomats gave a cool response. "Took place on 30 July at Sinnimyae event — is commonplace, based on the initiative of civilian activity, in accordance with international recognized practice of remembrance of the fallen of the second world war, the likes of which are held in almost all other countries. A" Hike Erna "- a military-sports game , which received extensive international recognition, "- said Minister Estonia.

All of these things as annoying though it may sound, has long since become common. What in Germany or Austria, sent to jail or at least fined, in Estonia and Latvia is valor. Marches and rallies of the SS, the Nazi lightning gamy, the celebration of anti-Soviet dates with brown coloring, museums have long been the glory of the executioners have become common sight. But Estonians managed to discover in this field one more page.

In the Estonian History Museum and the Museum of Gustav Adolf Gymnasium beginning of an exhibition dedicated to one of the major Nazi war criminals — Alfred Rosenberg. The connection between this figure with the Estonian land beyond doubt. He was born in Revel (Tallinn) in a family of Baltic Germans, until 1915, he lived and studied in the Baltic States, and only in 1918 he moved to his homeland Protz, where the most famous strshnym way.

It is clear that there are so quite a few recognizable all over the world people were born in Estonia. But Rosenberg's candidacy — it's something out of the ordinary. This man was almost the main ideologue of National Socialism. He long years Hitler was authorized to monitor the common spiritual and philosophical education of the NSDAP. Rosenberg introduced into the political catchwords phrases like "racial theory", the "final solution of the Jewish question." In 1946, on the basis of the Nuremberg trial he was sentenced to death, as one of the organizers of the atrocities against the population.

No one else but Rosenberg ruled the Reich Ministry of the eastern territories, which is directly responsible for the atrocities of the Soviet Union in the area — including the Baltic States. But what rewards before his praise of Nazism Estonia? Nothing. In contrast to the Croats and Slovaks, the Nazis did not have allowed any of the Baltic states to make even a quasi-state. Estonia came into the Reichscommissariat "Ostland" with the center in Riga. But Rosenberg apparently worthy scion of the land of the Estonian …

It is natural that a similar "honor countryman" outraged the local Jewish community. She appealed to the Minister of Culture Rein Lang with a letter, which stated that the exhibition of Rosenberg is not a word about it "generally recognized criminal activity," and exhibits called "very unethical and glorify the atrocities of Nazism." But the minister did not answer, and the management of the Estonian History Museum has refused to close the exhibition. And the exhibition series "When Alfred was a kid …" continued the work.

On August 9, "care of the historical memory of" the Russian Foreign Ministry reacted. "In the near future Estonia actions continue to occur, indicating a stubborn refusal to accept the official Tallinn made at Nuremberg verdict fascism. This, again, is a demonstration of the Estonian History Museum exhibition devoted to the native city of Reval (Tallinn), one of the founders of the hateful ideology, Reich Minister eastern occupied territories, and A. Rosenberg, "- the Russian diplomats.

"Ignoring the management of the museum and the Ministry of Culture Estonia protest organizations of national minorities about the so outrageous mockery of the memory of millions of peaceful inhabitants who were killed on the orders of Hitler's executioner, clearly confirms what specific perception of history in Tallinn seek to instill in society, "- Russian Foreign Ministry has allocated.

The answer from Estonia followed a very ordinary. Foreign Ministry accused the Russian Baltic country counterparts for libel and malicious intent, which, they say, does not contribute to the development of Russian-Estonian relations. "Here again I have to emphasize that the Republic of Estonia has condemned the crimes of totalitarian regimes that occupied Estonia and condemns ideological manipulations on the subject," — noted the Estonian foreign ministry.

Both Estonia "condemned all crimes of totalitarian regimes" — you can watch all the post-Soviet years. Surprisingly just Baits every time are finding new ways of how to glorify Nazism. It is not praise them enough of their own SS. It is time, perhaps, to take on the Third Reich ideology silent about what they did become famous. So the decision to Estonians: Do not aim a blow at "our Alfred Rosenberg's"?

And with the consent of the taciturn EU and NATO sights. It seems that not allowed to Jupiter (Germany), then allowed a bull (Estonia). Why not just forgive Baltic states, because they are part of a cordon sanitaire around any of in the 200 kilometers from St. Petersburg. And Zarnitsa tainted with the Nazi and SS rally, and the very ideology of the Third Reich …

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