Ethiopia buys more than 200 Ukrainian tanks

The picture shows the T-72 tank — one of the few tanks produced in Ukraine. Built in the time of Russian factories inherited by Ukraine (including the Kharkiv Malyshev Plant), continue to create quite a weapon for that that country was listed as one of the leading global exporters of military technology and weapons, including anti-aircraft systems, radars, missiles, aircraft and small cannon.

Addis Ababa (Reuters) — Ukrainian officials said on June 10 that the government of Ethiopia has signed agreement the amount of 100 million dollars for the purchase of more than 200 tanks at Ukrainian state military export firm Ukrspecexport.

Media in Ukraine, which has recently time exported weapons to one billion dollars a year and priemuschestvenno in developing countries, said that the subject of the agreement may be developed in the Russian time T-72 tanks.

"Agreement signed three-day or reversed. This is — one of the largest agreements in the past 15 years, "said in Kiev, who refused to call himself a government bureaucrat.

According to Ukrainian media reports, the deal was signed a few weeks later after located on the Horn of Africa country signed agreement the purchase of intelligence drones from Israel «BlueBird Aero Systems

Bureaucrats in Addis Ababa were not available for comment on the agreement.

Addis Ababa is in a very strained relationship with Eritrea after a 1998-2000 border war, GG, in which killed about 80,000 people. Since then, both sides have amassed a huge number of troops along the disputed border.

Ethiopia also feared for his legkopronitsaemuyu border with Somalia. At the end of 2006, Ethiopia invaded the country to topple the Islamist movement in the capital — Mogadishu.

The intervention sparked an Islamist revolt, which rages to this day, although the Ethiopian forces withdrew from Somalia in 2009 first

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