Ethnic bullying

Most military analysts agree in outlook, that in the not distant future, the main problem of the Russian army will be ethnic bullying. The soldiers, countrymen, joining together in close-knit ethnic groups, build military units in their power vertical. In the main it is men called from the North Caucasus. Today, two million Dagestan delivers the same recruits as twelve million Moscow …

Another escape motivated etnodedovschiny happened not long ago in Samara. From a military unit of Internal Troops fled two soldiers. On the same day they gave a press conference at which he announced that their fellow soldiers not only thrashed and humiliated, and forced to commit atrocities. The military prosecutor's office opened a criminal case. Arrested soldier — Dagestani Arslan Daudov …

— 1. Chef rights. 2. Boss is always right. 3. Chef does not sleep — he is resting. 4. Chef does not eat — it strengthens their hand. 5. Chief does not drink — it tastes. 6. Boss does not flirt with the secretary — he lifts her spirits. 7. If the boss is wrong — see paragraph 2. "
Chef — is Oleg Kitter. Apart from the poster "Regulation chief" in his adopted Russian and royal flags, illegal extremism law books and a portrait of a rescue disk instead of the frame. Kitter — a Russian nationalist, and it does not hide. To foster nationalist adjoins his gun shop, security agency and the Human Rights Center, which protects rights only Russian.

In the past at Kitter — epaulets police captain, in a poor attempt to get elected mayor of Samara and two criminal cases for inciting ethnic hatred. The first ended in acquittal, the second still runs, but just in case the newspaper Kitter "Alex-Inform" now comes with a footnote: "Under the Yids should be aware of international stratum of people living at the expense of labor and other opportunities."
Escape from the military unit number 5599 Russian Interior Ministry troops ordinary Stanislav Andreev (Russia) and junior sergeant Azamat Algazieva (Kazakh) — this is the first case in the history of the army, when the fugitives sought by the Military Prosecutor's Office does not and is not to the Committee of Soldiers' Mothers, and a double ball nationalist.
— "The word" nationalist "very corrupted — complained to me Kitter. — Nationalism — it's just a successive stage after the family relationship, he can not stir up any hatred, if only not to offend this relationship. A real promoter of public hostility is just an internationalist. As specifically the forced alignment of unequal leads to resentment and corruption natsbolshinstva minorities. "
— "Oleg V., and you did not try to be a nationalist Stealther? Do not publish articles about the Jews, and raise your own business, networking, … Braid network of influence and lobbying the interests of their own civilization," …
— "That's a funny story for you. Wound up in the woods bearded hares. Everywhere stroll a pack, all the beating, robbing, raping. Entire forest screaming and no one can control. Seems ordinary rabbit, but very many of them. Fox tried to talk to them — Now hole lies in a hospital, the wolf figured out the case — to the emergency room got even bear a bit of living left. There is one last hope — the lion. Pockets he was with them the arrow in the meadow. Comes — and there is darkness multitudes of bearded birds. All such muscular, eyes ablaze. "Men. -He says — why are you doing? And you are such? "- Ask a lion bearded hares." I am a lion. The ruler of the animals "" Nah! This Maskhadov — the ruler of the animals. And you — just an animal. "
— That's what you come away from the answer? "
— This is the answer. To defeat the beast, you must be a beast himself, To weave a network of influence must be a spider. Russia can not be spiders. Russian may be animals, but they are forced to be allowed. "
— "Who leads?"
— "Those who weaves a network.

Private Andreev and Sgt Algazy after escaping from the military unit initially kept in a shelf MES, later they were transferred to a part in the regional military prosecutor's office. Kitter brought me there and identified the two men near the checkpoint. But Algazieva here nabbed ancestors who came out on a date. They somehow looked askance at the nationalist and flatly refused to give his own child of the word.
Stanislav Andreev '22. Before the Army, he trained as a welder and graduated from the Law Faculty and the Institute of Criminal Law at the Togliatti Institute. Therefore read can
— "I was taken to the regiment December 25, 2002. Already on the MPC (the course of the young fighter) of 90 men was 45 Dagestani and Ingush. Those that city and to form — still nothing. And that from the mountains — that these and have been involved in this system . After KMB in our company of their people was fifteen — Avar, Dargin, Ingush, Kumyks, but kept everything together. This was called Jamaat in their — in our community. Together prayed in the storeroom, solve problems together, together established business. "
— What kind of business? "
— "Bandit. Initially, like in a friendly way: say, you're a local, help — no money for smokes. Bring 50 rubles, I will give later. Once 50 rubles, two, later 100, two. And when a new appeal of their countrymen come, more, they are already pursuing. Extortion was the system. We have imposed tribute. invented various forms. For example, the so-called joint. For any offense against you hang a certain amount — from fifty to one thousand rubles. Cant rubles could initiating a two for anything . They could blame you, even though you're just slowly responded to their demands for a more serious amount imposed for the real faults. dagov But (as we called them) do not motivate that we have already received sentences ranging from commanders. They built a parallel system of government. At one point, I Kuz'menko sergeant and sergeant Grozdin strayed from the tour — called home. We saw the colonel Lazarev told the attendant on the part. When we came back, Daoud said, "It is your joint. From the officers — is itself. And from us — separately. In short, to have a thousand. "Then after we gave Kuz'menko sergeant."
— "The sergeant gave the ordinary?"
— "And it does not matter who you are either ordinary. Midst of their own subordination Dagi stick, all the other for them — no one. Mayorov still hear, but not always, and to the lieutenants and captains have long been scored. Obscenities may send … Lieutenant Fighters last fall did ordinary Ingush note — he was beaten. had no consequences. in December three privates Ingush tried to beat the dining deputy regiment commander Major Leonov. And, too — nothing. many officers simply afraid to deal with them. rage of impotence and rip off all the evil in the us. somehow to keep control of the situation, putting themselves as dagov elders as they listen to the Russian will not. Finally, under the command of their own countrymen service in Caucasians is converted into a resort where the men of all other nationalities play the role of the service staff " .
— "What else is taxed tribute?"
— "Layoffs. Return must be either a means or a phone card. Reached 600 rubles per day. Even the service was subject to tribute. Our part of patrolling the streets of the town, help the police, and we have a form similar to the police. Each patrol should bring them out of town for $ 100 a day. Fighters had to pull resources from urban residents, and from time to time and plunder. Intoxicated paid off from us, so as not to fall into the drunk tank. upivshihsya A senseless just robbed. If you came to the pa
trol empty-handed, the debt remained behind you. And from time to time and counter included. Our company patrolled the city four times a week. Every day for nine patrols. That's the math. Plus jambs. Plus dismissal. Yes, put donated clothing they sold us … And it only Currency duty. "
— "And what?"
— "Labor. Making the bed, washing, cleaning the room — they think it's women's work, they say that the traditions they are not allowed to do it. 'Cause all I needed to do to us. Vobschem they renovated the room we were forced to do. Russian boys, happened all night injected. They are only connected to the arrival commander. And he praises: "Well done, horsemen, well done." Over the minute our discontent began to peel. But even if you're a doer, still beating. beating at all. They felt like royalty. In dining room, bring tea, bring a second crop. How? Do not worry. His Carry. looking telly, bring a pillow! They love to sit, surrounded by pillows. Resort. During the terrain out when zahochut. Acquire for yourself odezhku plainclothes stroll strolling on the promenade. When the day of birth from anyone — we are thrown off for a day of birth. plainclothes odezhki have their entire wardrobe.

On demobilization they leave here with these trunks, and then running shoes, jackets, racing suits, shoes, phones. There, at home, they get paid even money, so they sent to Russia to serve, and not to the Caucasus. Hazhukov, Dagestan, was that he was at the recruiting Fri paid 5 thousand rubles, that sent him here. "
—"For what?"
— "Yes, because in the middle of their own will actually serve. And the bed fill, and scrubbing toilets. And imagine appoint a sergeant and you have to command a representative of a reputable family. At vendetta can run into. And there next to the ancestors, the elders — not pobaluesh . "

— "Have you tried to complain to the commander of? Either he is too afraid of them?" —
— "No, do not fear. But do not do anything. Complaints were, but took to the sand. So they will build a colonel on the parade ground, pooret, they pretend that fear, and in an hour so beat up the complainant that the subsequent call to all shut up . 1st ordinary after such options were beaten and later forced to clean the toilet own toothbrush. commanders tried to hush up any conflict. For what it prepyadstviya at work? Only once condemned the Dagestani for a broken jaw. Two years probation. Although there were many broken jaw. And she breaks the fingers. But generally they tried peel well — leaving no trace. "
— "And you told your parents?"
— "No, it did not want to upset. Others were in charge. Ancestors came to the unit commander. Occasionally boys transferred to other units where there is no Caucasians."
— "Why do you have them so do not accumulated enough?"
— "Our regiment head in a team of other regiments them here dropping out of harm's way. Commander parts are always threatens to call the Caucasus here no more, but less of them here does not become. No arguing against reality. The Russian birth rate is falling, and the Caucasus population boom and a wholly-owned turnout at recruitment centers. There have already our regiment has long been famous, and many are specifically aiming here. "

— "Look, half — it is still not much. Did you resist?"
— "Some have tried — without result. They know, as they say? No one will be able to break a man, break the whole congregation."
— "Have you tried all the congregation?"
— "Do not try. Something is preventing unite. Do not know what.'s Vein for themselves to open Russian are not afraid — I only had three options. Thankfully, all were alive.

We Azamat also sustained to the end. I still had half a year, and he just had to quit. But both of us for a day to escape payment period appointed — 500 rubles. They uttered us: "Do not give up — learn what the hell" In the month before we were patrolling the subway station next to the study Kittery I then met with him to the case. Therefore, we decided to run specifically for him. "
— "Algazy in fact a Muslim. It is for their" own ".
— "Own? Funny. Him more I got it, even though he and Sgt. Thrashed and the kidneys, and delayed the jaws and ears turned inside out. Recently the escape of his ruthlessly beat sergeant Magomedov. Azamat that night was on duty in the company of, and Magomedov three more in the class of combat training drank vodka. When it became funny, they are forced to Russian ordinary two o'clock in a row to dance in front of them Lezghinka. When Azamat tried to make an objection, he was beaten, deprived of a bayonet, and promised to slaughter him with this bayonet, if He did not buy it. He wrote this in a statement. For them Muslims only. are from the Caucasus. Kazakhs, Bashkirs, Tatars to their — such as pigs, as Russian. Since they drink vodka and eat pork. "
— "And they do not drink vodka?"
— "Drink. But do not eat pork. Tempted every day. Their tradition is such that they do not use toilet paper.

And they say, "Our asses cleaner your faces." Anti-Russian sentiment in their very strong. Heed the song of the singer Timur Mutsurayev. There are glorified suicide bombers and just a plan signs the Mujahideen become rulers of the world. I remember a song about how a mountain village comes skittish Russian fighter. And this album is called "Hold on, our homeland, we go!"
— "And in the fighting with the Chechens there was no one?"
— "I have not heard of such.'s That amazing. We were in the company of two Chechens. Of Urus-Martan. Two brothers — Hassan Ramadan and Basayev. They grew up during the war, and beheld the bombing, and everything in the world. And of these inclinations were not. Mutsurayev They did not listen, did not call us pigs and were not involved in extortion. Moreover, when they beheld that the Russian gang up so completely lawlessness, stood up. They are the only ones who somehow restrained dagov. Their dreaded " .

— "And then the other with you not run?" "They were amazed. These are internal forces. There are plenty of local.
— "And Dagestan in Samara large diaspora. Would you beheld as part of the demobilization of our dismissed. Their looks and money received — and sideways, sideways, until taken away."
— "You sure, now also a nationalist, as Kitter?"
— "Well, no. Latvians I just do not like. Baltic sad for me."
Samara garrison military prosecutor Sergei Deviatov appointed to this position not so long ago, and never ceases to surprise nature of local recruits. People around him in secret discussions recognized that the prosecutor is already under pressure Dagestani diaspora in Samara. But when asked directly Ninth answered negatively:
— "At the moment, the greatest discrepancy to the investigation — is to get testimony colleagues Andreev and Algazieva. Nobody wants to. All fear."
— "Of course. If there half of the Caucasus."
— "What a half! 20 percent. Surely, those who have run away, just shamefully admit that they suffered from a handful of people. A large part of there and Samara region. This is the only military unit in the region, where it is allowed to serve local.'s Why all as clams. Prefer to endure, if only they were not sent away somewhere in Buryatia either in Chechnya. A prisoner Dowd, of course, denies everything. Commanders? Of course, they do not need it. Why spoil it for the accountability? But If so, and then will go, is it not up to the reporting … We are what matter to the tribunal will give, and what will happen next — I do not know. "
The military part number 5599 is placed in the center of Samara. At the entrance stands a you
ng Dagestani in civilian clothes. Passes by a fighter. The young man grabs his arm, "Hey, wait. Look, over there in the building on the second floor of the two ensigns. Tell them to expect Ramadan. Conformed? Urgent". Not asked to repeat a fighter.
The unit commander Colonel Gromov produces human memory, which and the circumstances, doing all he can, but realizes that the incident stronger. Continuously ask me, 'What Kitter singing? And what Andreev singing? "

— "In my regiment soldiers are 56 nationalities, and for me does not matter who is what. Though, to be honest, Caucasians level of training is even better. They are stronger, more initiative, the same Daudov a week before the arrest alone was able to hold 2- criminals. When they patrol the city, I am completely calm. "

— "And when they were in the barracks?"
— "There are no closed doors. All our stroll in the patrols, very often seen with relatives. If so humiliated them here, why are they silent? My world — it's all politics Kitter. Anything about him long ago no one thought, and so he decided to make some noise. "
When I left, at the entrance with Ramazan has 5 people hanging out of his countrymen. Instead of an answer to my questions, he gave me the phone the head of the Dagestani diaspora in Samara Abdul Samida Azieva.

Abdul Samid, Colonel honey life in retirement, looks at the situation not only as Dagestan, and Russian military personnel as hardening:
— "We are here 18 months back at the training center 20 recruits written complaint that they are forced to do the work that they do not allow tradition. Then I met with them and read:" Do not invent! No such tradition in the Caucasus is not and never has been. And in the Quran about it too is not written anywhere. At home — yes. There's a man to do the work more languid, and the lady — deal with the economy. But the men in the army band and you're not birds that fly and do not leave mud on the floor. Therefore please bear the same responsibilities as the other. "
— "And what to do with Daudova?"
— "I was able to talk with him briefly. He claims that no one was thrashed and circle innocent. I do not think that's true, and not sure if it is planted, it will serve to benefit. His mom get mad, get angry village. need to find another way out. Proper education should start another recruiting Fri and on the lessons of military training in schools. Since vorachivayutsya from the military guys and boast that here, they say, they are in the army and did not wash the floors not clean the potatoes. And with their will take the example of subsequent recruits, the tradition, which later will be hard to overcome. And yet — you need something to do with a man's upbringing in Russia. it normal that eighty percent of the fighter is not repelled 20 percent? In the men's team is always a struggle for power and control. And if most have been smaller minority, which is a big part of it? "
Lydia Gvozdeva, chairman of the Committee of Soldiers' Mothers of Samara, spoke thus: — "The problem is, and it's getting worse and worse. I do not understand what's going on. Comes to the fun. Two Dagestani beating the 1st Russian, and four more are in the Russian line for the violence. How many times we talked with our soldiers, is that you need to stick together. They only grunt.'s useless. On the days of the lady calls me: "Put my son in another part, there Caucasian terror." We start to find out — is and two put under the control of an entire company. Two, I said to her: "Mom, better go and explain to their own offspring, that his dignity in this life must be upheld. From time to time with his fists. Let them merge, once those two people marked "…
— "You're fighting with hazing in the army, how you will be able to recommend it?"
— "And this is the fight against bullying. Among the Cossacks was not hazing, as there were all men. If now our guys are such pigs grow, what wonder that their beating. Hazing make feeble, not strong. We are doing everything possible strongly to pacify, but not arguing against nature, man is unrealistic to ban be stronger than you, you can only to become stronger. How many times have come here … Taygarat Makhachkala is chairman of the Committee of Soldiers' Mothers. discuss with them, also bringing with them the elders. they say they their children something that allows for a few months to remove the problem of. Basically, I know that they say they are, but it's not for disclosure. "

— "Strannovataya your position. Usually your colleagues tend to blame everything on the commanders."
— "We are working with this part since 1994 and have dealt with all its commanders. Colonel Gromov — the most worthy of them. Before it was complete devastation. Traffickers have drilled a hole in the fence and through them to sell drugs and drunkenness at Gromov even there in the real a ban. possible, of course, criticize commanders can even dismiss them and put only easier to not become.

You wait for the moment gets older generation born in the nineties, when the demographic decline. Then the problem of bullying is not only in the army, and in the community. "

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