Ethnic peace-pledge of national security of the Russian Federation

At least some one who looks roundups at least once a month, realizes what a time we live, and what is behind the events in Libya, Syria, etc. Weakening the West to maintain its own influence in the world destroys the base security in the Eurasian space, they began with its western part. Their task — the creation of self-replicating chaos, creeping, can "infect" the adjoining countries and regions, and thus damage the entire Eurasian body. One of the objectives of the process, is to destabilize the post-Soviet space, which is not only not allowed to return at least part of Russian power, and damage the core of this space-Russia. The main participants: the United States and NATO allies a kind of Liberal International (LibIntern).

It is clear that the achievement of this goal only by military force for the participants LibInterna — it quite dangerous, because the adversaries follow the principle of "divide and rule", is also not averse to bribes, and other great ways not great politics. So they promoted the destruction of the USSR, the method of financing the dissidents, bribery of politicians, inciting ethnic hatred. This is a fairly universal way to crush the old enemies, they use it against Russia, and in our time. They also sponsor (bribe) politicians of both the federal level and the local (regional) policy makers. Sow tension and pits nations. In the process of grazing, they are betting on any one particular group, and the method of funding and support at all backward friend other parties. Obviously, the support is not advertised, and the funds are transferred through an intermediary (for example, through the Wahhabi Saudis supported the bandit underground). Among the supported parties RF include:

1. Liberal opposition (class capital "management", "intellectuals" (especially Sobchak and her similar) and other grieving people of the capital);
2. Wahhabi (Salafi) underground (are "educational" work in the middle of low-educated in matters of religion Russian Muslims also involved in the provocation);
3. nationalists of all stripes and colors (benefit from increasing public intolerance of people RF friend other, respectively, strongly stimulate the isolation of their own ethnic groups, the connection between destroying peoples of the Russian Federation).

I will not dwell on the specifics of the above groups, as not exciting work them separately friend from one another and their activities in the system, in the bunch. In this sense the situation in the south RF and Tatarstan. Where Virtual alternately follow a string of provocations of Islamists, nationalists, a clique of liberal shrill opposition of human rights violations, etc. So makarom are stimulated to action by all ethnic groups, created a propaganda justification future massacres, followed by an attempt to separate a region, or on the contrary, an attempt to expel Nat. minorities on the least profitable conditions that, in fact, will further strengthen the passions and even more motivated opposing sides to continue the fight. And the spiral of violence will spin up or until the land is not empty, or the parties will be relaxed so that you can take their "bare hands."

What can we do to not utopnut ethnic wars in the abyss? Quite simply, the recipe has been sounded in the days of the Soviet Union, it is often repeated for each child (but for some reason no one took it seriously) in time watching the cartoon where a cat Leopold often uttered: "Let's live together!". Let's not plunging into the maelstrom of passion soberly assess the situation, constantly give themselves to report in that state pride, religious intolerance — it is a weapon against us, and only we can all stand together in this fight. And win equal victories of our ancestors in the fields Lofty Russian war.

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